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Student Organization Fund

Student Organization Fund Application


In order to access the Student Organization Funding application, first login to your Anchor Link account. Then, go to your organization’s Anchor Link page and click on “Manage Organization” in the top right corner. Once you have done that, navigate to the “Finance” tab. You will then see a blue button in the top right corner called “Create New Request”, click on that and then select “Create Budget Request”. Here you will find the “2023-24 Student Organization Fund Request” budget form. Please note that there are two separate forms for undergraduate and graduate/professional organizations.

All the necessary instructions are provided right on that page, so please make sure you read those before moving forward. Additional information on how to fill out the application can be found in this tutorial video. Only organization presidents or treasurers should be completing and submitting the form.

Please remember this application is a budget proposal for the upcoming year (2023-2024). We ask that you fill out the form assuming your organization will be able to conduct all events as normal in the upcoming year. We will take into account COVID-19 restrictions later on in the process as we evaluate applications.

  • Undergraduate and graduate/professional Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are eligible to apply for Student Organization Funds in the spring semester of each academic year;
  • The funding granted in the spring is applicable the following academic year (year in which the funding would be used);
  • Information about the Student Organization Fund can be requested by e-mailing;
  • Groups are required to keep diligent records (including tracking attendance through Anchor Link events) of each expenditure for each event in order to apply for Student Organization Funds.


  • Student Organization Funds are distributed to RSOs that received an allocation from the Student Organization Funding Committee;
  • Organizations receive their full allocation by October 1st of the fall semester.  Only one allocation will be made this year.
  • Please refer to the Treasurer Training for information and guidance on spending.

NOTE: Funding can only be distributed to student organizations with a task number.


  • The student organization must be an RSO (not a student-led department, initiative or other kind of Non-RSO).
  • In general, Student Organization Funding is allocated to student organizations that sponsor events open to the entire campus;
  • For more detailed criteria, go to the Student Organization Fund Anchor Link Page and view the “Documents” section.


  • Requests to purchase or supply alcohol or tobacco to students;
  • Requests for programs, which exclude participation or membership to segments of the Vanderbilt population, or where certain groups of students are not fully included in the event;
  • Requests to fund charitable donations or expenses intended to directly and solely benefit non-Vanderbilt students or agencies;
  • Requests for funding to directly maintain or establish a reserve;
  • Up to $3,000 may be used for internal operational expenses (Printing, membership t-shirts, retreats, GBM food, etc.);
  • Requests to fund travel, unless it is core to the mission of the organization.

Suggestions to reduce operational expenses and maximize future Student Organization Funding

  • Maintain an ongoing record of expenses and revenues for your organization throughout the year. This will make completing the application easier, as well as help you properly budget each year. Your finances will be updated in Anchor Link on a weekly basis.
  • There are plenty of spaces to meet on campus that can be reserved free of charge, including meeting rooms and classrooms. Contact Student Centers to reserve space.
  • Some less costly advertising options are: VSG Newsletter, Instagram and other social media.
  • Spend responsibly. Be sure you get multiple quotes to get the best pricing.
  • Fundraise throughout the year and utilize outside sources of revenue to fund long-term purchasing goals.
  • Collaborate with other student organizations whose initiatives may align with your own.
  • Prepare for next year’s application process by saving all receipts and keeping a running total of event costs.
  • Organizations are required to input all events in Anchor Link and track attendance at those events. Untracked attendance for events or programs that use SOF funds may result in losing the opportunity for SOF funding in the future. This information is used to evaluate your organization’s annual application for SOF funds.

Questions regarding Student Organization Funds should be addressed .