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CliftonStrengths Coaching

Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service (SOLS) offers personalized coaching sessions for both individual students and groups. All of our coaches are certified by Gallup to utilize strengths-based development techniques and interpret CliftonStrengths assessments. 

Coaching Session Categories 

CliftonStrengths Assessment Interpretation 

The CliftonStrengths assessment identifies where an individual or team’s greatest potential for building strengths exists. This online assessment takes about an hour to complete. You’ll receive a personalized report that identifies your top five talent themes. A coach will assist you in understanding and developing these talents and forming them into your greatest strengths. To learn more about the CliftonStrengths assessment, click here 

Campus Involvement 
Connect to involvement opportunities that match your interests and goals. Develop an understanding of how Anchor Link can aid in searching for opportunities.

Leadership Development
Gain an understanding of the various techniques and tools that can enhance leadership skills and outcomes. Consult about specific situations and challenges in your leadership role(s). 

Organization and Team Success
Identify your organization’s needs and discuss possibilities to further your organization’s growth, including funding, financial management, team building, and event planning/management. 

Service and Community Engagement
Learn how to be an active citizen in our community. Various volunteer and philanthropy opportunities that align with your values can be explored. 

Scheduling Appointments and Workshops 


Individual Coaching Sessions (Students)

We offer students a CliftonStrengths assessment free of charge with a required 1:1 coaching session with one of our certified coaches. Please complete this CliftonStrengths Request form and a coach will be in contact with you.  

Group Workshops (Staff/Faculty)

If your organization, team, or group within a department would like to schedule one or more group workshops, please complete this Anchor Link form at least 3 weeks in advance of your preferred workshop date(s). For any groups, organizations, or departments, codes will need to be purchased. Please contact DeAnte’ Smith for pricing or any questions regarding codes. 

Meet the Coaches 

DeAnte’ Smith 

DeAnte’ serves as the Director of SOLS. He has a passion for student engagement, student development, and working with student organizations. He is committed to developing students and building relationships at Vanderbilt.


Adrienne M. Watson 

Adrienne serves as the Assistant Director of SOLS. She enjoys working with first-generation college students helping them navigate the “how-to’s” of college, as well as returning students. She has a passion for student engagement, student success, and leadership development. 


Wil De los santos 

Wil serves as the Program Manager of SOLS.  He enjoys helping students find value in their personal qualities and connecting them to their personal goals and accomplishments.  He also has a passion for supporting underrepresented and underresourced through student engagement and leadership development.  


Caroline Wilson

Caroline serves as a Program Coordinator with SOLS. She enjoys working with student groups to help teams unlock their full potential. She is excited to work with individuals and student organizations to foster a better understanding of what they do best and build stronger team dynamics. 

To learn more about each coach, visit the SOLS Meet the Staff webpage.  

If you have any questions regarding Strengths coaching, please contact Adrienne M. Watson at