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Register Your Org

RSO Registration Informational

SOLS will be having an RSO Registration Informational on March 15 and 16 at 12:15pm in Sarratt 325/327 to share the new RSO registration process and the changes that will be taking place that both student organization officers and their coaches will need to be award of for this year.  We ask that participants RSVP to this event so that we may have an accurate count of attendees.  Student leaders and coaches may RSVP via Anchor Link for one or more of the following events:

Registration Status

A list with the status of organizations’ RSO Registration is now available for student leaders to view.

  • Groups labeled as, “Not Started” are groups that have not begun their registration;
  • Groups that were Approved successfully completed their registration;
  • Groups that were denied are groups that need to update their registration according to the reviewer’s request;
  • Groups that are Pending are groups whose registration is going to be reviewed;
  • Groups whose registration status is listed as, “In-Progress” are groups that are either working on their registration or editing the feedback received from the reviewer;

RSOs (new and current) must submit their registration by the end of September 17, 2021 at midnight.  Please note that this does not apply to groups that completed their New Org Interest Forms.

Why Should We Register Our Organizations?

All organizations must renew their registration annually in order to be recognized by the University as a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Student Organizations that fail to renew their annual registration by the given deadline, will result in having their Anchor Link account frozen.  This status will prevent them from having access to their funds, reserving room spaces, or participating in the Student Involvement Fair.

If you have not registered for the upcoming year, please contact

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Use of the Vanderbilt University name to identify institutional affiliation
  • Use of University meeting rooms and facilities for free or at a reduced rate
  • Access to Anchor Link for managing your student organization and promoting events through the Anchor Link Event Calendar
  • The opportunity to participate in the Student Involvement Fair in August
  • Eligibility to apply for funding from various sources on campus including Student Services Fee  (SSF)
  • The opportunity to use equipment in the Sarratt Student Center
  • Access to storage space in Sarratt | Rand
  • Free organizational consulting and training by University administrators
  • Membership on AnchorLinkLeaders, the student leader list-serve, maintained by the Office of Student Organizations & Governance
  • Use of the Vanderbilt accounting system
  • Access to an organizational mailbox
  • Use of campus bulletin boards and digital signage to promote organizational activities.

How To Complete Organization Registration

Before an officer begins completing the registration process for their organization, they must have administrative access to their Anchor Link page.  If they do not have the ability to make updates to their organization’s page, they must reach out to their outgoing officers to grant them access to the page.  Please review the Roster Management page on the Anchor Link Resources website for information on roster additions.

Click the links below for instructions on how to complete the organization registration process for your organization

Registration must be completed by an INCOMING student officer who will hold their position in the new academic year.  Student organizations who do not anticipate having turnover until after the given deadline must notify our office at