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Register Your Org

Registration Status and Deadlines

  • You should be able to check the status of your registration form in Anchor Link by going to your initial or picture on the top right side of your page, clicking on, “My Submissions”, and then clicking on the “Organization Registrations” tab.
  • In order to Participate in the Student Involvement Fair, organizations must submit their registration forms by our given deadline (date to be shared this fall). Do not worry if you have not received approval by this date, as the forms will need time to be processed.
  • The Student Involvement Fair date will be shared at a later time.
  • Please note that this does not apply to groups that completed their New Org Interest Forms.

Why Should We Register Our Organizations?

All organizations must renew their registration annually in order to be recognized by the University as a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Student Organizations that fail to renew their annual registration by the given deadline will result in having their Anchor Link account frozen. This status will prevent them from having access to their funds, reserving room spaces, or participating in the Student Involvement Fair.

If you have not registered for the upcoming year, please contact

All Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Financial support from the University (Student Services Fee allocation, and other sources when available)
  • Use of University facilities for conducting regular business. Student organizations are prohibited from establishing offices, social spaces, or living quarters, off-campus.
  • Use of University meeting rooms and facilities at no charge or at a reduced rate.
  • Use of University electronic resources (e.g., Anchor Link, listservs, University-hosted website), and member subscription to the student leader listservs maintained by SOLS.
  • Use of common space and storage space allocated for registered student organizations.
  • Opportunity to solicit funds from, or make sales to, members of the University community on campus.
  • Participation in the annual Student Involvement Fair and other programs promoting participation hosted by the University.
  • Opportunity to advertise and promote the organization and its purposes on campus, and to advertise in Student Affairs-supported publications and other media.
  • Ability to publish events on Anchor Link and in the University Events Calendar.
  • Use of the official registered student organization mark, which incorporates the Vanderbilt University logo, official University spirit marks, and the name “Vanderbilt University,” or titles indicating institutional affiliation, such as “Black and Gold,” “VU,” or “Commodore,” for purposes generally consistent with the organizations’ purposes and their usual activities or to identify themselves as campus groups (See Marketing and Communications policy for more information).

How To Complete Organization Registration

Before an officer begins completing the registration process for their organization, they must have administrative access to their Anchor Link page.  If they do not have the ability to make updates to their organization’s page, they must reach out to their outgoing officers to grant them access to the page.  Please review the Roster Management page on the Anchor Link Resources website for information on roster additions.

Click the links below for instructions on how to complete the organization registration process for your organization

Registration must be completed by an INCOMING student officer who will hold their position in the new academic year.  Student organizations who do not anticipate having turnover until after the given deadline should notify our office at