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Student Org Purchase Requests

Student Organizations are able to make purchases a variety of ways.  If your organization is affiliated with an office on campus, please contact that office directly for assistance with purchasing.  All Purchase Requests require advance approval from the organization’s adviser.

Requesting Adviser Approval

Student Leaders seeking to spend funds or get reimbursed must first get approval in writing from their organization adviser.  Students must provide advisers with answers to the following questions:

  • Organization:
  • Organization’s Task Number:
    • Task Number is also called External Account ID in your Organization’s Anchor Link Account.
  • Reason for Purchase:
  • Vendor Name(s):
  • Estimated Cost:
  • Student Organization Funds Provided:
  • Funds Available in Org Account (How to check for funds):
  • Form of Payment Requested
    • In person (P-Card to be Checked Out)
    • Online Purchase
    • Merchandise and apparel order (Purchase Requisition for University approved supplier)
    • Reimbursement for items purchased
  • Requested Date to Check Out P-Card or receive purchased items:
  • If traveling outside of the Greater Nashville area, provide dates, location, and persons traveling (Travel Policy):

Once the org adviser receives this information, and approves this request in writing, upload the email thread to the Purchase Request Form.

Your COA/POET String

Every student organization has a COA/POET String that is used for purchasing purposes.  Student leaders should keep these in their records for their reference.  Please note that the “xxxx” represents the type of expense used in Oracle.  Student Leaders should used their respective COA/POET string when completing reimbursement.  Student leaders should also know their RSO’s task number in order to complete their Purchase Request.

COA String for Student Orgs: 300.10.30500.xxxx.071.000

COA String for Greek Orgs: 300.10.30400.xxxx.061.000

How To Purchase Items

If you would like to purchase items for your student organization there are several options:

  1. In person purchases are completed by requesting a P-Card.  It is recommended this request be submitted two weeks in advance.  A P-card is a credit card issued by Vanderbilt University for the purpose of making purchases for Student Organizations.  Most undergraduate student organizations will be asked to pick up a P-card in Sarratt 207, though some may have processes that include picking up cards at other locations. This card is to be used for local, in-person purchases only and cannot to be used for online purchases.
  2. On-line Purchases will be made by a staff member on your behalf. Please submit this request 2 weeks before the payment is needed. Online purchase requests can be selected for catering or food delivery orders as well.  These purchases can be requested by completing the Purchase Request form .
  3. Merchandise and Apparel orders should be placed four weeks before the items are needed. More information can be found here.
  4. Payment to service providers can be requested by completing the Purchase Request form two weeks in advance. New suppliers will receive an email with instructions on how to register as a supplier at Vanderbilt.
    1. For more information about Professional Services (Contracts, Conflict of Interest Statements, etc.) please visit the Purchasing Services website.
  5. With pre-approval from your organization’s Adviser, you can submit an expense for reimbursement by using Oracle. This applies to purchases that are made by using personal funds.

After securing your Adviser’s approval you can begin the process by completing the Purchase Request Form.