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Student Org Purchase Requests

Student Organizations are able to make purchases a variety of ways.  If your organization is affiliated with an office on campus, please contact that office directly for assistance with purchasing.  All Purchase Requests require advance approval from the organization’s coach.

How To Purchase Items

If you would like to purchase items for your student organization there are several options:

  1. In person purchases are completed by requesting a P-Card two weeks in advance.  A P-card is a credit card issued by Vanderbilt University for the purpose of making purchases for Student Organizations.  Most undergraduate student organizations will be asked to pick up a P-card in Sarratt 310, though some may have processes that include picking up cards at other locations.  This card is to be used for local, in-person purchases only and cannot to be used for online purchases.
  2. On-line purchases can be requested by completing the Purchase Request form two weeks in advance.
  3. Merchandise and Apparel orders should be placed four weeks before the items are needed.  More information can be found below.
  4. With pre-approval from your organization’s coach/advisor, you can submit an expense for reimbursement by using Oracle. This applies to purchases that are made by using personal funds.
  5. Payment to service providers can be requested by completing the Purchase Request form two weeks in advance. New suppliers will receive an email with instructions on how to register as a supplier at Vanderbilt.

More information can be found below.  After securing your coach’s approval you can begin the process by completing the Purchase Request Form.

All Purchase Requests require prior approval from the Coach of your organization. 

Please send an email request to your coach and include the following information:

  1. Organization:
  2. Organization’s Task Number:
  3. Reason for Purchase:
  4. Vendor Name(s):
  5. Estimated Cost:
  6. Student Services Fee Funds Provided:
  7. Funds Available in Org Account (How to check for funds):
  8. Form of Payment Requested:
    • In person (P-Card to be Checked Out)
    • Online Purchase
    • Merchandise and apparel order (Purchase Requisition for University approved supplier)
    • Reimbursement for items purchased
  9. Requested Date to Check Out P-Card or receive purchased items:

As a part of the SkyVU transition, Vanderbilt began using a new finance software (Oracle) in January 2018. The former financial system, eDog was discontinued and students no longer have access to financial information in the new system. Instead, we will utilize the finance module in Anchor Link to show student organization fund balances and transaction history. In Anchor Link, organization leaders can grant access to view finances at-will, and will no longer need to request access to the system separately. Utilizing Anchor Link will also allow us to update your transaction list and fund balance on a more regular basis.  Student center numbers will be replaced by student organization task numbers (in Anchor Link it your task number is the External Account ID).  Below are attachments that list student organizations task numbers and how to charge those organizations.  Please review the other content on this page for more information on expenses.

How To Charge A Non-Greek Student Organization

Click here to find Non-Greek Student Organization Task Numbers.

If your organization is not listed and has a task number, visit the Anchor Link Resource Website to learn how to find your organization's Task Number.

When entering information in Oracle, the set of numbers below is what is entered in the system to complete a requisition or expense report.  The POET string (Project, Organization, Expenditure Type, and Task numbers) and COA (Chart of Accounts) strings are the same for all Non-Greek Student Organizations except for the,"Task Number", which is an organization's unique identifier and the, "Expenditure Type", which varies depending on the expense listed.

If your organization is not affiliated with an office that has a Procurement Card (p-Card), you can submit a request to check one out from the Office of the Dean of Students by completing a request form two weeks in advance of needing the card. Coach approval is required prior to making your request.

Please NoteThere are limited cards available; you are not guaranteed a card until you have received confirmation that one is available for check-out on the date requested.

After obtaining coach’s approval, complete the DOS Student Org Purchase Request Form .

The person requesting the card must be the person picking up and using the card.


  1. Request the P-Card at least 2 business weeks in advance by completing the Student Organization Purchasing Form found on the Dean of Students Anchor Link page. Failure to do so will result in denial of the P-Card request.
  2. Upload the following items with your request: Anchor Link Event Page or proof of submission, Coach Approval, and Shopping List. You will not be able to check out the P-Card until your event has been approved in Anchor Link
    a.) The purpose of the Shopping List is to ensure all items purchased are allowed per Vanderbilt University’s Financial Policies.
  3. Schedule an appointment to pick up the P-Card in 310 Sarratt.
  4. Make sure the person requesting the P-card is the person picking it up and making the purchases.
  5. Return the P-Card packet to a staff member in 310 Sarratt before 11:00 a.m. the next business day, unless prior arrangements are made with the card trustee.
  6. Inform the cashier before items are scanned that you are using a tax-exempt credit card from Vanderbilt University. Follow the cashier’s instructions. Tax-exempt forms are enclosed in the P-Card packet. The tax-exempt ID number is also located at the top right corner of the P-Card.
  7. Secure an itemized receipt that lists all purchases. Take a picture of the receipt prior to leaving the establishment. This helps in the event the receipt is lost or damaged to the point of it not being legible.
  8. Attach each receipt to a Receipt Submission Sheet and fill out the corresponding information (i.e., organization to be charged).
  9. Upon completion of shopping, include all original itemized receipts in the P-Card packet, Anchor Link Event Print Out and Attendance List for events with fewer than 20 attendees.


  2. Use for the purchase of T-shirts and promotional items. Refer to SkyVU at for steps on how to purchase these items.
  3. Make online purchases. If you need to make online purchases, please email for assistance.
  4. Make personal purchases. P-Cards are designed solely for purchases related to your student organization.
  5. Sign the signature line on the back of the P-Card.
  6. Pass the card/card number from one individual to another. Only the individual who checks out the P-Card has authority to make purchases.
  7. Copy the P-Card number for future use. Students are not allowed to keep any of Vanderbilt’s financial information.

If you have any questions, please contact

Documentation:  Please provide your organization’s treasurer records of any financial transactions made on a P-Card. This is important for maintaining accurate financial records for your organization and being able to complete the Student Service Fees process.

Student organizations can spend up to 10% and no more than $1000 of their Student Services Fee allocation on internal expenses, such as retreats, t-shirts for members or other similar items.

Vanderbilt University departments and organizations who would like to place orders for apparel, promotional products, and awards, must use a licensed vendor (Internal Campus Supplier) contracted by Vanderbilt University.

STEP 1: Get a quote(s) from licensed vendor

Please provide the following information to the licensed vendor so they can provide you with a proper quote:

  • Department/Organization name
  • Contact information
  • When you need the product by
  • Budget
  • What products you’re interested in
  • Provide information on what you want on the product
  • Indicate use of the product
    • Internal Use/Promotional Giveaways
    • Purchase for Resale (Requires prior approval from Coach)

STEP 2: Complete the Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form

  • Complete the Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form at a minimum of four weeks before the desired date of use to allow for necessary approvals, vendor production, and shipment.

STEP 3: Use a licensed Vanderbilt vendor to design and place your order. 

  • The Office of Brand Engagement and Governance will review the information provided on the Merchandise Order Request form and reply to you and the licensed vendor with an approval and a MOR#. When the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance approves your Merchandise Order Request, the licensed vendor will send you the final quote with the MOR# listed. At this time, you may complete the request form below and attach the final quote. The vendor will submit a final proof of the item for approval to the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance. Please note that the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance is approving the use of VU logos and designs only. Third party logos and graphics must be approved separately by the Trademark Owner.
  • Once the design is approved by the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance, production can begin.

Sales Tax and Royalty Rate Rules

Internal Use/Promotional Giveaways

  • Sales tax and royalties exempt

Purchase for Resale 

  • Requires prior approval from Student Organization Coach
  • Sales tax and royalty applies
  • These transactions are infrequent and isolated and may only be conducted with the approval of an appropriate business/administrative officer. For assistance, please contact

Once you have completed the above steps you can complete the Purchase Request Form.