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Whether you are new to using the system or want to gain a greater understanding of how Anchor Link can benefit you or your organization, this site can help answer your questions.

Anchor Link is Vanderbilt’s student involvement system that helps students become involved on campus and manage their experiences outside the classroom. Anchor Link serves as the central calendar for student life and has groups for every registered student organization, residence hall, and living learning community on campus as well as a variety of university departments, programs, and resources.

Check out the Site Overview section to learn the basics of how the site is structured. Visit the Student Users tab for information about setting up your profile and an overview of the features that help you manage your co-curricular experience. Finally, check out the drop downs for Student Organizations or Departments & Staff to access resources focused on managing your organizations, programs, and events.

If don’t see an answer to your question or would like to set up a training, please email us and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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