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Adviser FAQs

How Do New Student Organizations Register?

Student leaders must complete the online registration process through Anchor Link in order to be officially recognized as a Registered Student Organization on campus. The new organization must have purposes that do not overlap significantly with those of any other registered organization. To read more about how to start a new organization, click here.

When Do Existing Student Organizations Re-Register?

Student leaders must renew their organization’s registration each year by completing the registration process within Anchor Link. The re-registration time frame begins after spring break. Students will be notified of the deadline (typically the first week in April).

What Is The Adviser’s Role With RSO Registration/ Re-Registration?

Vanderbilt University Faculty and Staff play a critical role in the registration process by reviewing and pre-approving their organization’s registration.  If their organization plans to engage in financial transactions, they must sign and upload the Task Number Creation Form, to their registration in Anchor Link.  The completed form may also be sent to  This period is also an opportunity for you to meet with the student leaders to discuss any plans, needs, and expectations that the organization may have.  Having a conversation to ensure that everyone is on the same page will create more opportunities for support and success.

What Is The University Policy On Students Traveling?

Please review the University policy on travel. Vanderbilt registers and assumes responsibility only for those official overnight or out-of-town trips sponsored and directed by an administrative division of the University (e.g., the Spirit of Gold Marching Band). The University assumes no responsibility for travel for which the University has no oversight, such as sorority and fraternity destination formals, or affiliated ministry service trips. However, such organizations and ministries undertaking such travel must—in advance of the trip–inform their coaches (the Greek advisors in the case of fraternities and sororities), and provide emergency contact information and a roster of student travelers to the Vanderbilt University Police Department and the Office of Housing and Residential Education. Any student who wishes to travel on behalf of, or as a representative of, Vanderbilt University or any registered student organization must receive written authorization in advance from the appropriate dean (see also the section entitled “Universal Waiver,” in Chapter 1, “Policies and Regulations”).

What Constitutes Travel? When Do Students Need To Fill Out A Form?

Students engaged in co-curricular travel in Davidson or one of the contiguous counties are not required to fill out a travel form unless it is an overnight trip. For example, organization members who are running errands, picking up materials from local merchants, or participating in monthly service activities do not have to fill out a travel form. However, if a student organization is planning an overnight retreat in one of the contiguous counties (i.e. Williamson, Rutherford, Wilson, etc.), then a travel form is required. In general, when student organizations participate in travel outside of Davidson County or one of the contiguous counties, a travel form is required. Please note that an advisor’s signature is required on this form.

What Is The Policy Of Students Traveling Where Alcohol Could Be Consumed?

When students travel, the same alcohol policies apply as they would for on-campus events.

What If A Student Organization Interacts With Minors?

Student organizations are asked about their interaction with minors in the student organization registration process. If a student organization begins to work with minors, the executive board and adviser should implement this change into the constitution. In order to be in compliance with University policy, student organization leaders coordinating programs and/or events involving minors will need to complete the training module, Protection of Minors 101 or the renewal. In addition, all events must be registered in Anchor Link. If there is supervision from a third party (i.e. tutoring students at a local school), student organization members will just need to complete the training module. However, if there is not supervision from a third party, all student organization members will need to complete the training module and a background check. Please reach out to for further questions.

Should I Attend Student Organization Meetings And Events?

Advisers have the unique opportunity to help with the growth and development of students, to add to the continuity of the group as members graduate, and to facilitate conversations around the organization’s mission and purpose. Advising roles may differ depending on the student organization, but the hope is that each adviser will remain in regular contact with the organization. Some advisers play active roles by attending meetings, working with officers and assisting in program development. Other advisers might be less involved in the organization, but should still be informed about University policy regarding student organizations. Most advisers have significant experiences and institutional knowledge that can be useful to student organization goal-setting, group effectiveness, and conflict resolution. Participation in the organization can help nurture the organization’s success.

What Is A P-Card?  How Do I Gain Access To One?

A P-card is a checkout card issued by Vanderbilt for the purpose of paying for expenses related to Vanderbilt departments and student organizations. P-cards may be checked out through a variety of offices. Click here for more information on the P-card check out process.

Can Students Using Uber And Lyft Services Use A P-Card?

Students cannot use a P-card to pay for Uber or Lyft because a personal account is required to pay for these services. However, students can be reimbursed if this type of service is approved by their organization. Students will need to keep the receipt and fill out a check request form.

Student Orgs can choose to use funds for Lyft rides. Advisors can create codes in Lyft for those rides. To get started, email

When Do Student Organizations Actually Get Funding Into Their Account?

While Student Services Fee (SSF) funding decisions are made in April, student organizations would not receive SSF allocations until the beginning of the fall and spring semesters of the following academic year.

How Do I Gain Access To My Student Organization’s Finances?

As an adviser, you should have administrative access to your organization’s Anchor Link account. If you do not have access to your Anchor Link page, please contact our office at .

How Do I Become An Adviser?

If you are interested in becoming an Adviser, please send an email to expressing your interest to serve in this capacity.