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RSO Lyft Code Request Process

The Lyft Ridehail program facilitates the creation of codes for organization travel around Nashville. If you are requesting codes for your organization, please keep in mind that payment for the Lyft discounts will come out of the organization’s budget. You may request codes for one-off events and recurring events if you have repeating service trips or serve regularly with a community partner. 

RSO Lyft Code Request Form

We have recently created the RSO Lyft Code Request Form to manage all of our Lyft code requests for registered student organizations (RSOs).  

To request codes, please follow the steps listed below:  

  1. Please ensure that your adviser has approved of your Lyft code requests prior to submitting the form. In addition, your Anchor Link event must be approved before you submit the request form.  
  2. Begin the RSO Lyft Code Request Form in Anchor Link and fill out the form.  
  3. Once you complete the Anchor Link form, you will find a link to an additional section of the form highlighted in yellow. Click this additional form link and begin filling it out, as well.  
  4. Once you have filled out both forms in their entirety, be sure to submit the Anchor Link form and the Trello form. Both forms MUST be submitted in order for your request to be processed. 
  5. After your request has been processed and approved, you will receive an Anchor Link notification about your submission’s approval. Be sure to click the link to your form submission as your Lyft codes will appear in the comment section of your approved submission (as seen below).  

Please be sure your notifications are turned on to ensure you can be notified once your codes are created. You can also find the form submission by clicking your profile photo in the top, right-hand corner, selecting “My Submissions” and finding the form name “RSO Lyft Code Request Form.”

If you have additional questions about obtaining Lyft codes, please leave a comment under your Anchor Link submission and we will try our best to assist you.   

Video Tutorial

Important Notes

Please ensure that all members of your organization who plan on entering a ride-share vehicle have completed the Lyft waiver form. Individuals who have not completed the waiver will not be permitted to utilize the code once it is generated. The waiver only needs to be completed once during a person’s time at Vanderbilt, so please be sure your members have this completed. The waiver can be found on Anchor Link. 

Your event must be approved in Anchor Link prior to requesting Lyft Codes. We recommend submitting your event four to five weeks in advance for review and to submit the Lyft Code Request Form two weeks prior to your event date. 

RSOs will only be charged for Lyft codes used by an organization’s members and not be charged for any un-utilized codes. Those charges might take 8-12 weeks to appear on your Anchor Link account. We recommend tracking this expense in any external budgets your organization keeps to ensure these charges are accounted for. In addition, all codes are exclusive to the dates in which they were requested. They cannot be used for travel on any dates not indicated in the form, so be sure you have all dates correct in your submission.

Please ensure that your organization and it’s members will only use the Lyft codes requested to travel to the locations indicated in the form and Vanderbilt University. Any misuse of Lyft codes and university funds may result in a referral to Student Accountability and a possible freezing of organization operations. 

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