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The Office of Student Organizations, Leadership, and Services believes all students and student organizations to be able to experience programs, events, travel and experiences that enrich their collegiate experience. For those who would like to generously contribute to these initiatives, we welcome alumni gifts in the form of donations to our student organizations.

To make an donation to our office, or specific student organization, donors can visit Vanderbilt’s Annual Giving website. Follow these steps to ensure the donation is made to the correct designation:

  1. Visit Vanderbilt’s Annual Giving website
  2. Select “Make a Gift”
  3. Enter the value of the donation
  4. Select “Other OR Additional Allocation”
  5. In the “Type to search for a designation” field, enter the name of the organization

For questions, please call (800) 288-0082 (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Central Time, Monday – Friday) or email 

Student Organizations Donating To Non-Profit Organizations

Student organizations may raise funds to donate to non-profit organizations.  However, it is encouraged that student leaders exercise caution and learn as much as they possibly can before committing to a certain charity.  Please note that Student Services Fee Funding is restricted and may not be used to donate to charity.

The Process To Donate To Desired Organization

  1. The student org completes the Charitable Contribution Form (Word | PDF – Fillable | Webpage );  ​
  2. The Adviser signs form, then the org emails it to Mindy Ireland ( for the remaining signatures;  ​
  3. Once Mindy collects the signatures, she sends them back to the designated student;​
  4. They submit it to for processing;​
  5. The charitable organization should be contacted by the student to let them know they may be asked to create a supplier account if one doesn’t already exist.  This step can be completed at any time during the process.​