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Brand Engagement and Governance

Internal Merchandise and Apparel Orders

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Steps on How to Order Merchandise & Apparel 

All Vanderbilt University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center departments and organizations who would like to place orders for apparel, promotional products, uniforms and awards that are branded with VU/VUMC marks and not branded with VU/VUMC marks, must use an Internal Campus Supplier, which is a licensed vendor contracted by Vanderbilt University. 


STEP 1) Get a quote(s) from an Internal Campus Supplier

  • Uniforms are specific, distinctive, conforming articles of attire required by VU/VUMC for particular groups of employees in the performance of assigned job duties. If you are placing an order for a uniform and it is required for your work, CLICK HERE for a list of departments required to purchase from select vendors. If your department is not listed, you can order from any licensed Vanderbilt vendor. For a list of licensed vendors CLICK HERE.


STEP 2) Complete the Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form

  • Complete the Merchandise Order Request (MOR) Form at a minimum of four weeks before the desired date of use to allow for necessary approvals, vendor production, and shipment. A MOR must be completed for all products.
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about the MOR Category Descriptions (Internal Use/Promotional Giveaways, Fundraising/Suggested Donation, Purchase for Resale, Distribution to VU//VUMC Personnel for Reimbursement of the Cost of the Item, Payment with non-VU/VUMC Funds)


STEP 3) Work with the Internal Campus Supplier to design your product and place your order. 

  • The Office of Brand Engagement and Governance will review the information provided on the Merchandise Order Request form and reply to you and the licensed vendor with an approval and a MOR number. After the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance approves your Merchandise Order Request, the licensed vendor will send you the final quote with the MOR number listed on it. At that time, you or the authorized individual in your department can create a requisition in Oracle and attach the final quote. VUMC requisitions are submitted through eProcurement. NOTE: The one card policy prohibits its use on promotional products unless written approval is given by Purchasing.  
  • Once you approve the art from the vendor, the vendor will submit a final proof of the item for approval to the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance. Please note that the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance is approving the use of VU/VUMC logos and designs only. Third party logos and graphics must be approved separately by the Trademark Owner.
  • Once the design is approved by the Office of Brand Engagement and Governance, production can begin.
  • NOTE: If your department plans on using a licensed vendor often, create a Blanket Purchase Order



Sales Tax and Royalty Rate Rules