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How to Spend Student Org Funds

As a part of the SkyVU transition, Vanderbilt began using a new finance software (Oracle) in January 2018. The former financial system, eDog was discontinued and students no longer have access to financial information in the new system. Instead, we will utilize the finance module in Anchor Link to show student organization fund balances and transaction history. In Anchor Link, organization leaders can grant access to view finances at-will, and will no longer need to request access to the system separately. Utilizing Anchor Link will also allow us to update your transaction list and fund balance on a more regular basis.  Student center numbers will be replaced by student organization task numbers (in Anchor Link it your task number is the External Account ID).  Below are attachments that list student organizations task numbers and how to charge those organizations.  Visit the Student Org Purchase Request Page for more information on expenses.

How To Charge A Non-Greek Student Organization

Click here to find Non-Greek Student Organization Task Numbers.

If your organization is not listed and has a task number, visit the Anchor Link Resource Website to learn how to find your organization’s Task Number.

When entering information in Oracle, the set of numbers below is what is entered in the system to complete a requisition or expense report.  The POET string (Project, Organization, Expenditure Type, and Task numbers) and COA (Chart of Accounts) strings are the same for all Non-Greek Student Organizations except for the,”Task Number”, which is an organization’s unique identifier and the, “Expenditure Type”, which varies depending on the expense listed.

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How To Charge A Greek Organization

Greek Organization Task Numbers (If the Greek Organization that you seek is not listed, please contact the Office of Greek Life at

While the same process is used in Oracle to input the POET and COA strings for Greek Organizations, the set of numbers below apply only to Fraternities and Sororities with task numbers.

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