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Creating Events

Event Registration Information

Events are not auto-approved but must be approved by a site administrator. We encourage you to submit your events in Anchor Link at least two weeks in advance. Events can be submitted up to one week after they have occurred. Any submission for an event older than one week may require justification, and may or may not be approved following review.

  • Events are reviewed on a daily basis during the workweek for approval.
    • Most events are approved immediately upon review.
    • Events occurring in large events spaces (ex. Rand Hall, Student Life Center, Sarratt Cinema) need to be reviewed by the manager of that space before being approved.

  • Events with special needs (ex. Police, Plant Operations, outside amplification, etc.) may be required to attend a Special Event Registration meeting through the Office of Reservations & Events.

  • Some areas have specialized event registration and approval processes. If you fall under one of these categories, contact the appropriate office if you have questions about your event approval.
  • Residential Education (ex. RA & LLC Programs) events are approved by Residential Education
  • Events hosted by Law or Medical School organizations will be approved by staff in those
  • You can edit or cancel an event once it has been created by opening the event and clicking the Change Details button in the Manage Event portal
    • All event changes must also be approved by a site administrator. However, do not hesitate to make
      any necessary changes to your event
  • Creating an event through Anchor Link does not reserve a space.
    • You must go through the Office of Reservations & Events, Virtual EMS, or the appropriate venue to book your space on campus prior to creating your event in Anchor Link.
  • As you progress through the Event submission process, your information is saved once you click the Next button.
  • To continue where you left off or to make changes before submitting your event, log in to Anchor Link and access your old submission. Here’s a guide on how to access your submission.


Event Support

For detailed instructions and a walkthrough of creating a new event for your organization, visit this site. 

Video Demonstration

Creating an Event Video