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Satellite Services

What are satellite services?

Satellite services are offered by a number of Student Care Network and other offices in locations across the University’s campus.  These services are intended to provide quick and convenient access to resources in order to consult on a current concern, explore support options, and establish connections with staff members.  In most instances, satellite services are not intended to be used for routine care or appointments but may be an entry point by which students become more comfortable with or knowledgeable about a resource that they may need regularly in the future.

How do I know when and where satellite services are offered?

The calendar below provides the schedule of satellite services available at this time.  Please note that based on utilization data, feedback, and/or changes in student need, locations may rotate on a semester-by-semester or annual basis in order to best serve the community.

Read below to learn more about this semester’s satellite services:

  • Drop-in Consultation: Program that provides easy access to informal, confidential consultations with University Counseling Center counselors. Appointments are first-come, first-served. The counselor will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources.
  • CSW CoachingStudent Wellbeing Coordinators will be available for drop-in hours to discuss a variety of topics, such as emotional wellbeing, stress management, academic skills, life transitions, self-efficacy, financial wellbeing, social support, relationship building, and personal health.
  • CSW Meditation: Join staff from the Center for Student Wellbeing to engage in guided meditation practice.
  • KCPC: The KCPC will host various campus partners in their space to help educate students about supportive resources available on campus. The KCPC staff will also be available at the OSCC for drop-in hours as a resource for information and support about gender and sexuality.
  • Project Safe Drop-In: Prevention Educator and Victim Resource Specialists will be available for drop-in hours to speak with students and provide information, support, referrals, and education about sexual and intimate partner violence, consent, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.
  • Career Center Drop-In: The Career Center is working with campus partners to better serve students in the area of career development. During drop-ins, a Career Coach will be available to assist students with resume/cover letter review, job/internship search, interview preparation, and other career-related questions.
  • Graduate Life Coach: The Graduate Life Coach assists Graduate School students and postdoctoral appointees from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in their academic and professional development through individual coaching and group programming around effective time and stress management, resilience, conflict resolution, navigating academic relationships, and juggling work/life responsibilities. The Graduate Life Coach’s satellite hours are by appointment only, you can schedule an appointment here.
  • The Women’s Center: The Women’s Center staff will be available for drop-in hours at their Center to speak with students and provide information and education about sexual health, feminism, body positivity, and other resources provided by the Center.