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Student Care Assistance Program (SCAP)

The Student Care Assistance Program (SCAP) exists to provide access to off-campus medical and mental health services for Vanderbilt University students who otherwise could not obtain clinically/medically necessary medications and services due to financial restrictions and without which would pose a significant risk to ongoing educational success.

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  • Students must be actively enrolled graduate/professional or undergraduate students who have paid the Student Health Fee and with demonstrated financial need.
  • Undergraduate student financial need is demonstrated by expected family contribution being less than $7,000, per FAFSA. Graduate/professional students may still apply for SCAP if they do not meet this criteria.
  • Students who are studying abroad are eligible for SCAP, but SCAP funding cannot be used for international payments.
  • Please review the SCAP application for more details.
  • SCAP applications for new academic years will be accepted starting June 15.
  • Prior to applying for SCAP:
    • Students should verify existing insurance coverage and confirm whether providers are in or out of their insurance network. Student will be required to utilize their insurance benefits in conjunction with SCAP funds.
    • Students should explore all available financial assistance options and will be required to apply to any financial assistance programs through the medical institution providing services. As an example, VUMC offers eligible individuals Financial Assistance.
  • Students approved for SCAP are eligible for up to $2,000 per academic year (July 1 – June 30) toward medical and mental health expenses.
  • Covered expenses may include copayments and/or medical bills, prescribed medications, dental and/or vision expenses, transportation to/from medical appointments, and other medically-related costs. Additional documentation may be requested for some services.
  • SCAP funding may only be applied to medical and/mental health expenses within the United States.
  • While SCAP does not cover ADHD or Autism assessments, students interested in these services should meet with Student Care Coordination to discuss on-campus options.

If your needs do not relate to medical/mental health expenses, you may also consider the Student Hardship Fund or The Reproductive Health and Parenting Resource Coordinator described on the application.

Questions about SCAP can be directed to or 615-343-9355.