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Wellbeing, Academic, and Peer Coaching

Students are offered individual wellbeing coaching sessions with either a staff member or peer coach to discuss a variety of topics, such as:
  • Emotional Wellbeing (coping skills, managing negative emotions/cultivating positive emotions)
  • Stress Management (stress reduction techniques, time management, goal setting)
  • Self-Efficacy (values strengthening, self-confidence, self-image)
  • Financial Wellbeing (budgeting, credit education, financial goal-setting, saving)
  • Life Transitions (personal, academic, and social changes)
  • Social Support/Relationship Building (community on campus, finding sense of belonging)
  • Personal Health (nutrition, sleep habits)
The Peer Guide Program provides undergraduate students a space to seek peer support and guidance. Through private, personalized peer coaching sessions, students will receive assistance in the areas mentioned above.
An academic skills coach is available for individual appointments, workshops, or drop-in study hall(Wednesdays from 1-3pm) throughout the semester. Students have the opportunity to work on:
  • Refining study strategies that may be challenged by the transition from high school to college or from undergraduate to graduate coursework
  • Time and task management, including managing long-term projects with individual accountability and balancing high demand/multiple commitments
  • Maintaining motivation and momentum over the semester
  • Setting achievable goals

Students also have learning opportunities to explore dimensions of wellbeing related to leadership, health, social justice, and sustainability.