Black Cultural Center


The Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center welcomes our new and returning students for the Fall Semester of 2016.  We hope this academic year will be both successful and exciting for our entire Vanderbilt community.  Please come by the Center early and often as your time permits for interesting cultural programming, great food, and fellowship.  Also, visit this site often for programming announcements and updates throughout the year.

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Our Place at America’s Table: Real Talk on Politics, Race, and Religion

Wednesday, November 9th
12 Noon-1:30 PM
BCC Auditorium (Lunch Served)

Please join us as we engage in friendly and hopeful dialogue about our beliefs and how they inform our opinions and our sense of who we are in this country.  As our beliefs are often ridiculed, attacked and associated with extreme acts, how do we help facilitate more productive discussions among our peers and most importantly, how do we assure our place at America’s table?

Bishop Joseph Johnson
Receives Further Vanderbilt Honor