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Drop-in Consultations

The UCC Drop-in Consultation is a program that provides easy access to informal, confidential consultations with UCC counselors. Counselors hold drop-in hours remotely through Zoom once a week. Speaking with a counselor at a Drop-in Consultation can provide insight, solutions, and referrals to other campus resources. Appointments are first-come, first-served. Usually, there is not much of a wait. The counselor will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources.

The UCC has created the below-mentioned identity-specific Drop-In Consultations—with the understanding of the unique impact that issues such as systemic oppression, racialized trauma, police brutality, COVID-19 health disparities, and other identity-based experiences may have on the emotional wellness of Black, International, and/or LGBTQIA+ students. We hope that our identity-based Drop-In Consultations provide opportunities for our students with these historically minoritized identities, to receive brief support around these concerns in a more overtly affirming space. Black, International, and/or LGBTQIA+ students are always welcome to visit any Drop-In Consultation space, for any non-emergency concern—that’s connected to aspects of their identity, or not. Our Drop-In Consultation providers are happy and ready to be of service to the Vanderbilt student community. We look forward to supporting you!

1-2 sessions1-2 sessionsOngoing, short-term and time effective
Informal consultation about a concern that can benefit from immediate problem-solving or time-limited supportYou are experiencing acute symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, suicidal ideationYou want to find effective ways to address symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, loneliness, body image, disorder eating, alcohol and other drugs, etc.
Not part of your releasable recordsGrief associated with the death of a family member or friendYou want to address conflict with partners, roommates, or family members
Does not constitute mental health treatmentRecent traumatic eventYou are struggling with motivation, performance anxiety, and/or perfectionism
If you could benefit from a higher level of care, every effort will be made to refer you to other appropriate resources Extreme difficulty navigating stressors or urgent concern for a friend or family memberYou are struggling with adjustment due to change in support system, acculturation, and/or identity issues; you have experienced trauma, and/or assault

Limits of Confidentiality: When there is an immediate threat of harm to you or others, our counselors are required by law to report this. When a minor, elderly person, or someone otherwise incapacitated is being abused, our counselors are also required by law to report this.

Summer 2021 Drop-in Consultation Hours

Please select a link to join a Drop-in Consultation Zoom Meeting.

The Zoom meetings for Drop-In Consultations will not be monitored beyond the dedicated hours for that specific Drop-In Consultation time. If you present to the Zoom meeting for a Drop-In Consultation beyond the dedicated hours for that particular Drop-In Consultation, we encourage you to either:
1) contact UCC Urgent Care at 615-322-2571 if you have an urgent need.
2) plan to attend the next available Drop-In Consultation space that best fits your needs.


What is A Drop-in consultation?

A Drop-in Consultation is an outreach program that provides easy access to informal, confidential, and free consultations with clinicians (counselors) from the University Counseling Center (UCC). There is no appointment necessary and this is not to take place of traditional counseling.

What happens during a visit?

Appointments are first-come, first-served. The counselor will listen closely to your concerns and provide support, perspective, and suggestions for resources.

Who should use a drop-in Consultation?

The service is open to all enrolled Vanderbilt University undergraduate and graduate students. A Drop-in Consultation is a good fit for students who:

  • Are not sure about counseling and wonder what it’s like to talk with a counselor
  • Are not interested in ongoing counseling but would like the perspective of a counselor
  • Have a specific problem and would like to talk it through with a counselor
  • Have a concern about a friend and want some thoughts about what to do

I think I have a problem that would benefit from counseling, but I don’t know anything about counseling. Would going to a drop-in consultation help me figure out what to do?

Absolutely. The counselor will talk through your issue with you and help you determine the best way to get help.

Are drop-in consultations confidential? Are there any limits to confidentiality?

Conversations with counselors are confidential. However, the primary exception is that counselors may need to share information in a situation in which safety for you or others is a concern. Counselors keep brief written notes of their contacts with students only in the event that there is an emergency, or when a student is referred to UCC for treatment. In these situations, other UCC clinicians may see these notes. Information is also collected about attendance, so that we can keep track of the students we are serving and those we need to continue serving. If you have further questions about confidentiality, we encourage you to discuss them with a counselor and review the information given to you during your Drop-in Consultation.

What else do I need to know?

Drop-in Consultations are not a substitute for psychotherapy or formal counseling and do not constitute mental health treatment. Counselors provide informal consultations to help students with specific problems and to introduce them to what it is like to speak with a counselor. Your Drop-in counselor can help you determine whether formal therapy at the UCC would be useful to you and, if appropriate, assist you in scheduling an appointment.