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Automatic Enrollment

  • All undergraduate, graduate, and professional students in degree programs registered for four or more credits or a 0-credit research or dissertation course, and who are designated by Vanderbilt University as maintaining full-time enrollment, are eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Students who meet the eligibility requirements are automatically enrolled in and billed for SHIP. Insured students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased to remain enrolled. Insured students may request to waive SHIP based on Vanderbilt’s waiver policies.

Early Arrival Enrollment

  • Eligible graduate, professional and international students who need insurance prior to the August 12, 2020 annual coverage effective date can enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan on a voluntary basis with additional premium by visiting

Enrolling Dependents

  • Students may enroll in dependent coverage by visiting and clicking Enroll.
  • Eligible dependents include a student’s married spouse or a child (under the age of 26). Domestic partners (same sex or opposite) are not covered.
  • It is the insured student’s responsibility to enroll eligible dependents each year. Dependents are not automatically re-enrolled. Students need to purchase coverage for their eligible dependent(s) at the same time of their initial plan enrollment and must purchase the same period of coverage in which they are enrolled.
  • The only time students can purchase coverage for their dependents outside of their own coverage period is if the student experiences one of the following qualifying events: (a) marriage (b) birth of a child (c) divorce (d) if the dependent is entering the country for the first time, or (e) if the dependent loses health insurance coverage under another health insurance plan. If dependent enrollment meets one these qualifying events, supporting documentation and payment must be submitted within 31 days of the qualifying event. Forms received more than 31 days after the qualifying event will not be accepted. Once a dependent is enrolled, coverage cannot be terminated unless the students loses eligibility.

Dependent Enrollment Deadlines 

Enrollment DeadlineEffective DateStudent Description
September 12, 2020August 12, 2020Newly enrolled and returning annual students
February 1, 2021January 1, 2021Newly enrolled spring students
June 1, 2021May 1, 2021MayMester students
July 1, 2021June 1, 2021Newly enrolled summer students

Dependent Premium Payment

  • Students who need to purchase annual coverage for their dependents can either pay for the entire annual premium in one payment (via credit card, debit card, or checking account) or by a payment plan. The payment plan option allows students to make an initial payment of three (3) months of premium from a checking account and pay the balance in equal monthly installments via automatic drafts from their checking account. Payments will be deducted on the same day each month based upon the date the initial payment was set-up.
  • The payment plan option is only available for students enrolling dependents for the annual coverage period. Students newly enrolled for the Spring Semester 2021, MayMester 2021, or Summer Term 2021 – and who want to enroll dependents – are required to pay the full premium payment upon enrollment.
  • If a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or a stop payment, the installment option will be discontinued. In addition, there will be a returned item fee. Students will be notified of the returned draft and the amount of the unpaid premium in writing (email or mail) by Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. In order to reinstate coverage, the unpaid premium plus fees must be paid in full within 10 days of notice by official check, money order, or credit card. If the total due is not paid within 10 days, coverage will be terminated.

Petition to Add Coverage 

  • Students who initially waived the student insurance plan can petition to add coverage if they experience a qualifying event. To submit a Petition to Add form, go to and click Enroll.
  • Qualifying events include a) reaching the age limit of another health insurance plan, b) loss of health insurance through a marriage or divorce, or c) involuntary loss of coverage from another health insurance plan. A qualifying event does not include a student who is seeking enrollment to gain access to a benefit that was exhausted under their current private insurance plan.
  • Students must petition to add coverage within 31 days of the qualifying event in order for coverage to be effective as of the date of the qualifying event. The premium will be pro-rated on a monthly basis as determined by the date of the qualifying event. The premium will be charged to a student’s billing account.
  • If a petition is received after 31 days, the effective date of coverage will be the date that the petition is received at Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk. If the petition is approved, the premium will not be prorated but will be based on the date of the qualifying event.