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Virtual Student Involvement Fair Information for Hosts

Student Organizations hosts will be responsible for representing their organizations virtually during the Student Involvement Fair on August 27 from 3-5pm.  Hosts are encouraged to use a virtual platform that can export an attendance list to organize their event.  Instructions on tracking attendance can be found here.  In the meantime, please review the following information to support hosts’ and incoming and current students’ participation in the fair.

In order to ensure compliance with Vanderbilt’s COVID-19 guidelines and recommendations, and to provide students with more options to engage their community, the Stuent Involvement Fair will also take place virtually this year.  This event will take place on August 27th from 3-5pm.  We will be providing hosts and participants with a list of student organizations and their respective categories to help with organizing their event.  Please review the instructions below for direction on joining the Virtual Student Involvement Fair as a Host.  Also, please note that Student Organziations must have their Student Organization Registration and their 2021 Student Involvement Fair Participation Form completed by August 16th. 

Step 1: Navigate to the home page of their organization’s management page.


Step 2: Notice the new “Upcoming Virtual Fair Events” section. Click “Sign Up” next to the fair you wish to join.

Step 3: Fill in a brief summary of your organization. This field is limited to 200 characters. Copy and paste the link to your organization’s virtual meeting space. (Example: Zoom or Google Hangout Meeting link)

Step 4: After clicking “Submit”. You’ll be taken back to the homepage of your organization’s management page. You’ll notice that under “Status”, it should read “Registered by Member name”

This event is only open to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).  These are Student Groups that completed their registration and had them approved by the Office of Student Organizations, Leadership and Service (SOLS).  If your registration is complete, no further action is needed for this step.  If it is not started, a designated student leader will need to complete the registration if they want to participate in the fair.  To check on the status of your organization’s registration, have the person who completed it do the following:

  • Log in to their Anchor Link account;
  • The designee must have administrative access in order begin and continue their registration;
  • If they have not started their registration, they will need to go to the organization’s page and click on the, “Manage Organization” button on the top right side of the page and then click on the blue, “Register Organization” button to begin;
  • If they completed or began their registration, they must click on their initials or picture (if added to profile) on the top right section of their home page;
  • Click on the, “Submissions” button from the menu. A “My Submissions” page should appear with tabs at the top;
  • Click on the, “Organization Registrations” tab and search for the organization’s registration that was completed or in progress. The status of the registration is also visible along with other information;
  • If the registration’s status is, “Approved”, no further action is needed with registration;
  • If the registration status is, “In Progress”, click on the eye in the action column to view and complete and submit the registration form. It will be reviewed and approved or denied based on the needs of the form.  Should the form be denied, follow next step;
  • If the registration status is, “denied”, click on the eye in the action column to view the comments and resubmit it with the corrected items;
  • A growing list of registered organizations will be available on this page for your reference. Please view the list to look for your organization.

As of August 16, 2021, the following student organizations successfully completed their RSO registration and are eligible to participate in the In-Person and Virtual Student Involvement Fair:

ACE Design
ACM-W Women in Computing
Active Minds
African Student Union
Alpha Chi Omega
Alpha Delta Pi
Alpha Epsilon Pi
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
Alpha Kappa Psi
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Tau Omega
Alternative Thanksgiving and Winter Break
AmbassaDores: Tour Guides
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Medical Student Association
American Red Cross
American Society for Civil Engineers
Asian American Student Association
Association of Latin American Students
Begin with Books
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Black Student Association
BMES (Biomedical engineering society)
Camp Kesem
Canterbury CIRCLE
Cards For A Cause
Caribbean Students Association
Challah For Hunger
Chi Omega
Club Baseball
Club Golf
Club Hockey
Club Sailing
Club Tennis
Club Tennis
Code Ignite
Commodore Orchestra
Commodore Quest
Crisis Intervention Training at Vanderbilt
Delta Delta Delta
Delta Sigma Pi
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Design for America
Developer Student Club
Dore for a Day
DORE Initiative
Dores for Israel
Double Major A Cappella
Engineering Council
Engineering World Health
Engineers Without Borders
English Major Association
Fencing Club
Figure Skating Club
First Generation Investors
Friends of MSF - Vanderbilt University Chapter
Generation Action for Planned Parenthood
Gift of Life Vanderbilt
Girls Who Code
Glamour Gals
Habitat For Humanity
Harmonic Notion
Harmonies for the Elderly
Hearts of the Homeless Nashville
Her Campus Vanderbilt
Hidden Dores
Iceberg Theatre Company
If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice
Indigenous Scholars Organization
International Student Council
Kappa Alpha Theta
Kappa Delta
Kappa Kappa Gamma
Katie's Art Project
Kefi COllective
Korean Undergraduate Student Association
La Alianza
Lambda Chi Alpha
Life's a Stitch
Lights on the Lawn
Melanated A Cappella
Men's Club Water Polo
Men's Lacrosse
Men's Ultimate
Men's Water Polo
MHS Majors Association
Middle Eastern Students Association
Minority Women in STEM
Momentum Dance Company
MOSAIC Recruitment Committee
Multicultural Leadership Council
Muslim Students Association
Narrative 4 Vanderbilt
National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
Neuroscience Majors Club
Next Stepsambassa'dores
Original Cast
Orthodox Campus Christian Ministries
Page by Page
Pakistani Students Association
Paper Hearts
Partners in Health Engage
Peabody Council
Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Fraternity
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.
Phi Mu Alpha
Phi Sigma Rho
Philippine Intercultural Student Organization
Pi Beta Phi
Pi Kappa Alpha
Point of VU
Pre-Nursing Society
Project Heal - GMMA
Project RISHI
Project Sunshine
Project: Bridges at Vanderbilt
Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)
Relay for Life
Scientific Immersion and Mentorship (SIM)
Secular Student Alliance
She's the First
Sigma Chi
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Social Impact Consulting Club
Society of Physics Students
Society of Women Engineers
South Asian Cultural Exchange
Special Olympics Vanderbilt
Spectrum A Cappella
Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations (SCNO)
Studio V
Swingin Dores a Cappella
The Alexander Hamilton Society
The Marketing Group
The McGill Project
The Slant
The Vanderbilt Hustler
The Vanderbilt Melodores
The Women's Network
The Wond'ry & Nashville Innovation Academy
Timmy Global Health
TOM: Tikkun Olam Makers
Tongue 'N' Cheek
Ukirk Nashville
Undergraduate Honor Council
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)
University Concert Band
Vanderbilt Alliance on Disability and Condition
Vanderbilt Asian Pre-Professional Society
Vanderbilt Asian Pre-Professional Society
Vanderbilt Association of Student Anthropologists
Vanderbilt Best Buddies
Vanderbilt Blockchain
Vanderbilt Bongo Shongho
Vanderbilt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Vanderbilt Business and Medicine Club
Vanderbilt Business Review
Vanderbilt Chabad
Vanderbilt Chess Club
Vanderbilt Climbing Club
Vanderbilt Club Basketball
Vanderbilt Club Field Hockey
Vanderbilt Club Table Tennis
Vanderbilt College Democrats
Vanderbilt College Republicans
Vanderbilt Cricket Club
Vanderbilt Culinary Club
Vanderbilt Effective Altruism
Vanderbilt Finance Club
Vanderbilt Gaming Association
Vanderbilt Global Brigades
Vanderbilt Hillel
Vanderbilt Initiative for Vegan Activism (VIVA)
Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society
Vanderbilt Interfaith Council
Vanderbilt International Relations Association
Vanderbilt Investment Club
Vanderbilt K-Pop and VIVID
Vanderbilt Lakshya
Vanderbilt Libertarians
Vanderbilt Magic: the Gathering
Vanderbilt Math Club
Vanderbilt Men's Club Soccer
Vanderbilt Men's Club Volleyball
Vanderbilt Mock Trial
Vanderbilt Music Outreach
Vanderbilt NAACP Chapter
Vanderbilt Off-Broadway
Vanderbilt One for the World
Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community
Vanderbilt Philippine Dance Theatre
Vanderbilt Piano Society
Vanderbilt Political Review
Vanderbilt Pre-Law Society
Vanderbilt Pre-Medical Book Club
Vanderbilt Pre-Medical Society
Vanderbilt Pre-Medical Society 
Vanderbilt Pre-Veterinary Medicine Society
Vanderbilt Prison Project
Vanderbilt Programming Board
Vanderbilt Project C.U.R.E.
Vanderbilt QuestBridge Chapter
Vanderbilt Quiz Bowl
Vanderbilt Recording Studio
Vanderbilt Review
Vanderbilt Robotics
Vanderbilt Rowing
Vanderbilt Running Club
Vanderbilt Spikeball Club
Vanderbilt Sports Business Club
Vanderbilt Squash Club
Vanderbilt Student Government
Vanderbilt Student Organization of College Advisors
Vanderbilt Student Volunteers for Science (VSVS)
Vanderbilt Swim Club
Vanderbilt Tango Club
Vanderbilt Teach the Future
Vanderbilt Toastmasters
Vanderbilt Trap and Skeet Shooting Team
Vanderbilt Undergraduate Chinese Association
Vanderbilt Undergraduate Moot Court
Vanderbilt Undergraduate Real Estate Club
Vanderbilt Undergraduate Research Journal
Vanderbilt UNICEF
Vanderbilt University Bridge Club
Vanderbilt University Communications and Marketing
Vanderbilt University Concert Choir
Vanderbilt University Dance Marathon
Vanderbilt University League of Legends
Vanderbilt University Microbiome Society
Vanderbilt University Motorsports
Vanderbilt University Rugby Football Club
Vanderbilt University Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics
Vanderbilt University Theatre (VUT)
Vanderbilt Vanguard
Vanderbilt Variations
Vanderbilt Video Productions
Vanderbilt Wesley Fellowship (Vandy Wesley)
Vanderbilt Women's Club Volleyball
Vanderbilt Womens Ultimate Frisbee
Vandy Ballroom
Vandy Tap That!
Vandy Votes
VIGH Student Advisory Council
Vitality Dance Company
VLS Ambassadors
Volunteers Around the World
Volunteers for Health
VU Satellite Club
Wildlife Conservation Club
Women in Business
Women in Government
Women's Club Lacrosse
Women's Club Soccer
Women's Club Water Polo
Youth Encouragement Services (YES)
Zeta Tau Alpha

After the organization registration/re-registration is approved, hosts had to complete the 2021 Student Involvement Fair Participation Form on Anchor Link byAugust 16th.  Forms submitted after this time will not be accepted.  This document will provide the Office of Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service with host information needed to inform participants and to support the hosts.  This form will also provide virtual and physical fair needs.

Before you participate in the org fair, make sure you create an event on your ANCHOR LINK profile to help you add prospective members to your communications and keep them aware of your activities throughout the year.  There are many ways to track attendance through Anchor Link.  However, before tracking attendance, you must create your event in Anchor Link.  

When submitting an event on Anchor Link to track attendance at the Student Involvement Fair, please submit the event as, “‘Your organization’s name’ at the Student Involvement Fair.”

Please review our Attendance Tracking page on the Anchor Link Resources website for specific instructions on tracking attendance.  Make sure to scroll down and take a look at the "Tracking Attendance at Virtual Events" section of the page.

Additionally, when registering your event, please select “show to” Organization Members only so you do not appear on the overall event calendar. Your event will be denied if it is registered improperly. 

In order for hosts to invite prospective and new members to their organization’s Anchor Link page, they must be able to export a list with students’ Vanderbilt email addresses.  Please review our Attendance Tracking page on the Anchor Link Resources website for specific instructions on tracking attendance.  Make sure to scroll down and take a look at the "Tracking Attendance at Virtual Events" section of the page.

Student Groups will need to create a PowerPoint slide that includes the following information.  Upload it to the 2021 Student Involvement Fair Participation Form and we will compile the information into one large PDF and post it on our website:

  • Student Organization Name
  • Primary Student Contact Name and Contact Information
  • Cost associated with being involved with the organization
  • Meeting date/times during Fall 2021
  • Social Media Handles(s) *optional*
  • Zoom Link to the Virtual Involvement Fair Meeting Space (if also doing a virtual event)

There are many ways that hosts may present their organization's content to students.  Below are two recommended practices for the Virtual Student Involvement Fair. 

PowerPoint Presentation

If you plan to showcase your organization during the Virtual Student Involvement Fair using a PowerPoint Presentation, here are suggestions on how to craft it:

  • Make the presentation 10 minutes long.  This will give participants multiple chances to sign into your zoom link and hear the presentation from beginning to end.  It will also give them time to sign out and visit another zoom link without having to leave your meeting early; 
  • The presentation should be set up in a continuous loop so that there is continuity between presenters (if there is more than one person presenting) and make sure to provide contact information to address questions since it is possible that you may not be able to take questions during your zoom time;
  • Be sure to include information on dues/fees associated with membership and participation in the organization;
  • Showcase pictures from your events/programs if you have any;
  • Include information on requirements and expectations of general members;
  • Share your organization’s mission is and goals for the 2020-2021 academic year;
  • Make sure to include your Virtual Organization Profile in the presentation.

Video Presentation

If you plan to showcase your organization during the Virtual Student Involvement Fair using a Video, here are suggestions on how to craft it:

  • Create a video that is no longer than 10 minutes; 
  • It should focus on why students should join your organizations;
  • Embed the video on your organization's website.  Place it in a space that will be easy for viewers to find;
  • Provide a link to the web page in which the video can be viewed for students who cannot attend the live Virstual Student Involvement Fair;
  • Include a voice over if the video will include showcasing images and video clips of previous events or programs;
  • If the video will have a representative(s) speaking directly to the camera:
    • Be sure that there is good lighting;
    • Be sure that the audio is clear and free of background noises;
    • Make sure to have some photos, videos or other media that could be used to help with transitioning images:
  • Make sure to include your Virtual Organization Profile in the presentation.

The Office of Student Organizations, Leadership, and Service will provide a Zoom link where staff may be reached to assist hosts with trouble shooting.  This will be available to hosts during the Virtual Student Involvement Fair.  Information will be provided to the contact person closer to the event date.