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Tracking Attendance

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Swiping Attendance at Events

To track attendance at your Anchor Link event:

Step 1: Navigate to the management side of your organization’s Anchor Link Page.


Step 2: Open the Events page,


Step 3: Navigate to the event management menu by clicking the event,


Step 4: Copy the access code, and click the link on the right.


Step 5: Copy the access code into the swipe field to begin swiping individuls in. (Hint: When swiping individuals in, wait until the swipe has completed before proceeding to the next individual)

(Remember: you must have administrative access to use this function)

When you track attendance at an event through Anchor Link, you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but the following information about each attendee:

  • First & Last Name
  • Campus E-mail Address
  • Preferred E-mail Address (if they have listed one)
  • Timestamp
  • Who tracked their attendance
  • Any comments provided next to the user’s attendance record

Uploading Attendance at Events

Step 1: From the event management page click track attendance


Step 2: Click add attendance


Step 3: If you are having people type in email addresses select the text entry options. (Note: Once all the email addresses have been added, the person managing attendance will need to click add at the bottom of the menu)

Step 4: If you have an excel document, select File Upload.

Step 5: If you chose the file upload option, select your preferred file type (Zoom participant upload, or Anchor Link Default) and Identifier type (Email or Card ID) (Note: Once the file has been added, the person managing attendance will need to click upload)


What happens if my internet does not work?  We recommend swiping cards into an excel spreadsheet.  You swipe as you normally would and the card reading automatically transitions to the next cell with each swipe.

What if someone forgets their card?  You can have them enter their email address or Card ID number in the Text Entry option.