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David Williams II Student Rec and Wellness

We are excited to start the spring semester beginning January 9, 2023. While we work to open the Rec sustainably, we ask that you be patient collaborators that support our efforts.

Our spaces may have different functions to meet our evolving needs. Spaces have varying priorities for varsity athletics, Rec programming, student programming, etc.

We encourage you to keep up with our work by visiting our website.

For questions please contact


  • Make sure to visit our Operating Policies page for hours of operation and holiday hours.

REC the New Year

Welcome back to Campus! Join your fellow Commodores and REC the New Year for the month of January.

Registration link

  • Registration begins on January 9, 2023 and ends on January 31.
  • Registration for the Bingo event is located under the Special Events tab:


  • Complete the activity to fill that space on the bingo card.
  • After completing the activity make sure that it is indicated on your card (crossed out or highlighted).
  • Completing a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of activities is considered a Bingo.
  • Everyone who participants and submits a card with a Bingo completed will receive a drawstring backpack that includes a stress ball, water bottle and a workout towel.
  • Complete as many Bingos as possible (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, full card). Each Bingo counts as an entry into the drawing for a grand prize.
  • Tracking of completed activities is self-reported on the Bingo card linked below.
  • Bingo cards can be submitted once full card is completed or at the end of event. All cards must be submitted by January 31st. Send completed cards to

Bingo Card