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Student Involvement Fair

Looking to get engaged on campus? Come out to the Student Involvement Fair to learn more about Vanderbilt’s student organizations as well as various departments that have leadership and involvement opportunities for students. The fair is Friday, August 25, 2023 from 3 pm-5pm in the Recreation and Wellness Center.

This event will provide incoming first-year and transfer students with the opportunity to learn about our active student groups, and to help them connect with a community away from home.

It is also our hope that through this event, Student Organization Leaders retain the opportunity to successfully meet their mission objectives and continue to expand the community that contributes to the fabric of our Vanderbilt community.

Organizations from the following categories will all be present:

  • Campus Programming Organizations
  • Club Sports
  • Cultural Organizations
  • Environmental Organizations
  • Performing & Fine Arts Groups
  • Political Groups
  • Pre-Professional Societies
  • Religious & Spiritual Groups
  • Service Organizations
  • Student Government
  • Student Media

Organizations currently signed up for the Student Involvement Fair

The following organizations completed their registration form where they also confirmed attendance to this event.  If your organization is not listed below and you would like for them to attend the fair, please check to see if :

  • Your organization completed their registration on Anchor Link
    • If so, check to see if it was approved by clicking on the “Submissions” option on Anchor Link (click on your initial or picture on the top right side of the page).  If not completed and approved, please complete the form and make sure to check “Yes” when asked about the Student Involvement Fair.  This must be completed by August 5th in order for your organization to participate in the fair.
    • To complete registration, student leaders must have admin access to their group’s page and must log in to Anchor Link with their VUNet ID and password
    • Once logged in, click on the, “Manage Organization” button on the top right side of the page and a blue button labeled “Re-register Organization” should appear in the middle of the page
    • Click on the button, read all of the instructions, and follow the steps provided carefully.  This will impact the approval.
  • Your organization checked “No” on a completed and approved registration form

Information For Attendees

Helpful Information For Attendees

This year, the Student Involvement Fair will take place at the Recreation and Wellness Center on August 25th from 3:00-5:00 pm. 

The address for the location is:

2700 Children’s Way
Nashville, TN 37212

We encourage you to stop by and connect with over 300 student organizations in person or virtually, enjoy some free items,  and meet our newest members of the community, including transfer students and members from the class of 2027.  You may check back with this page periodically for updated information.

Helpful Tips:

  • Bring your phone to tap in at the entrance through the Southeastern Conference lobby closest to 25th Ave. SOLS staff will be present at the check-in table & throughout the building to welcome you and answer questions.  
  • The organization categories will be color-coded on the organization list and on the area map. There will be signage posted in each room with the organization categories.  
  • Follow instructions on traffic flow directional signage throughout the building
  • Please drop by the Information Tables if you have any questions.
  • Connect with all of the organizations that you are interested and learn more about them at their tables.

Information for Participating Student Groups

Registered Student Organizations that completed the following are eligible to table at the Student Involvement Fair:

  • Had their completed registration/registration renewal form approved by the Office of Student Organizations & Governance (between the March – July period, by August 5th)
  • Checked “yes” on the Student Involvement Fair section of their registration form or emailed  requesting to be added to the event  prior to August 5th (must have completed registration/registration renewal form beforehand).

Before you head to the org fair, make sure you create an event on your ANCHOR LINK profile to help you add students to your communications and keep them aware of your activities.  There are many ways to track attendance through Anchor Link.  Before tracking attendance, you must create your event on Anchor Link.  Please review the Anchor Link Resource page for specific instructions on attendance tracking.

  • After creating your event, you can use a card reader and have students swipe their student IDs.  Card readers can be reserved at the Central Library (if available)
  • After creating your event, if you do not have a card reader, you can have students type their email address in the appropriate section on Anchor Link (refer to Anchor Link Resource page).

Student Organizations Please note: when submitting an event on Anchor Link to track attendance at the Student Involvement Fair, please submit the event as ” ‘Your organization’s name’ at the Student Involvement Fair.”

Additionally, when registering your event, please select “show to” Organization Members only so you do not appear on the overall event calendar. Your event will be denied if it is registered improperly. Please note the deadline for registering events in Anchor Link for the Student Involvement Fair is Friday, August 26 at 3pm.

Helpful Tips At The Fair

  • Have your laptop(s) and other electronic items fully charged before arriving since no one will have access to electrical power
  • Create a trifold highlighting information about your organization’s mission, goals, and accomplishments
  • Have handouts ready with information about how to get involved and upcoming meetings and events
  • Wear branded apparel or coordinated items and name tags to make it clear which organization you are with
  • Make a plan for how you will make students interested in coming to your table (ex. giving away swag, candy, food, etc.)
  • Please use all available trash bins to dispose of any garbage or unwanted items.

Information For Student Organization Leaders 

Student organization leaders are strongly encouraged to pass this message along to any executive board leaders who currently do not have access to the Anchor Link Leader Listserv.

If your organization is not represented on the Student Involvement Fair List (above) and Map , they are not eligible to table at the event. 

Please review the map and table chart below to find out where your organization will be located in the area.  Please note that this year you will be sharing an 8 foot table with another organization.  We ask that you be mindful of the items that you will bring to this event.

Arrival and Preparation:

Your organization will need to arrive at 2pm to begin setting up its table.  Organizations must remain in the fair for the entire time. The Fair Entrance will be open by then.  

Your organization will be notified by email prior to the event if we need to cancel.

Please note: only officially registered student organizations may participate in the fair. If you have NOT completed the registration on Anchor Link (completed registration by Aug 5th), your organization is not registered for the fair and will not be able to table at this event.

Attendance Tracking:

If you plan to track attendance at this event, we encourage you to create an event in Anchor Link. When you register your event in its title MUST be: “Student Organization Name” at the Student Involvement Fair. Additionally, when registering your event, please select “show to” Organization Members only so you do not appear on the overall event calendar. Your event will be denied if it is registered improperly. 

A limited number of card readers are available for check out at the Central Library.  They will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

Rather than using paper sign-up sheets, go paperless and utilize Anchor Link to capture the names and e-mail addresses of all students interested in your organization. Follow this attendance tracking link to learn more.

Questions? E-mail or seek one of our staff members during the event.