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Attendance Tracking

You can reserve or purchase a card reader by clicking here.

To track attendance at your Anchor Link event, open the Events page, click the event you are tracking, and click the Track Attendance button. (Remember: you must have administrative access to use this function)

For the full guide and directions view our training manual on How to Track Attendance in Anchor Link using a Card Swipe

When you track attendance at an event through Anchor Link, you will automatically capture not only the total number of attendees but the following information about each attendee:

  • First & Last Name
  • Campus E-mail Address
  • Preferred E-mail Address (if they have listed one)
  • Timestamp
  • Who tracked their attendance
  • Any comments provided next to the user’s attendance record

Tracking Attendance at Events

Swiping using an Anchor Link Card Reader

  1. Copy the code to the right of the Swipe Access Code.
  2. Copy the code either using (Ctrl-C) or right click and copy.
  3. Click on the Swipe Page
  4. Paste the code in to the space that says “Enter access code”.
  5. Click “Submit”
  6. Your page should now say “Ready to swipe” and the event name will be listed at the top of the page.
  7. Plug your card reader in to a USB port on your computer. After a few seconds there should be a green light on the top of the card reader and the card reader will beep.
  8. Ensure your cursor is inside the card swipe box.
  9. Test a Vanderbilt ID Card by swiping. If done correctly you will see the word “Success” in green above submit.


What happens if my internet does not work?  We recommend swiping cards into an excel spreadsheet.  You swipe as you normally would and the card reading automatically transitions to the next cell with each swipe.  You can upload the card ID numbers by going to the Track Attendance page à +Add Attendance à Text Entry à Card ID Number.  Paste all the card numbers (one per line) and click Add.

What if someone forgets their card?  You can have them enter their email address or Card ID number in the Text Entry option.  Go to Track Attendance page à +Add Attendance à Text Entry and choose E-Mail Address.  Then click Add.