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Student Leader Training Materials

Advisor Training

  • Overview of advisor’s role and resources

START New Student Leader Training

  • Overview of managing your student organization

Event Planning, Marketing and PR

  • Deeper analysis of event planning and marketing

Constitution Outline

  • Example constitution for student organizations

Resources for Student Organizations

1. Finances

W-9 Form

  • Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Charitable Contributions Form

  • Form required for contributions to not-for-profit organization
  • Must be completed by the organization’s advisor.

Tax Exempt Certificate

  • Use when making purchases for your student organizations.

Public Performance Rights – Read below

Events that include showing a film on campus

  • Reservations and Events can assist both with ordering films and with securing public performance rights.
  • Note that public performance rights must be obtained prior to showing a film on campus.
  • Registered student organizations may also order films to show on campus. The motion picture titles shown on the Vanderbilt campus are cleared by the distributors for public performance exhibition. This means that Vanderbilt has the legal right to show titles before groups of students, faculty, and their friends on campus. The “home use” versions of these same titles, obtained from video stores, etc., are not cleared by the distributors for public performance use by the University, because proper licensing fees to the copyright owners have not been paid for such use. Films, videos, or DVDs may not be shown to dorm audiences, clubs, fraternities, sororities, or other organizations, without first obtaining a public performance license. Reservations and Events in Sarratt Student Center, 615-32(2-2448), can provide additional information.