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Whether you are new to using the system or want to gain a greater understanding of how Anchor Link can benefit you or your organization, this site can help answer your questions.

Anchor Link is Vanderbilt’s student involvement system that helps students become involved on campus and manage their experiences outside the classroom. Anchor Link serves as the central calendar for student life and has groups for every registered student organization, residence hall, and living learning community on campus as well as a variety of university departments, programs, and resources.

Check out the Site Overview section to learn the basics of how the site is structured. Visit the Student Users tab for information about setting up your profile and an overview of the features that help you manage your co-curricular experience. Finally, check out the drop downs for Student Organizations or Departments & Staff to access resources focused on managing your organizations, programs, and events.

If don’t see an answer to your question or would like to set up a training, please email us and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Email address: anchorlink@vanderbilt.edu

Visit the site at: anchorlink.vanderbilt.edu

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My Vanderbilt Experience

Are you looking for a new way to experience Vanderbilt? Do you want opportunities for intentional engagement outside of the classroom? My Vanderbilt Experience is a year-long program that provides students a virtual framework for co-curricular engagement. Managed through Anchor Link, My Vanderbilt Experience offers a menu of events and activities for students to participate...... KEEP READING

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Make Applications Easy thumbnail

Make Applications Easy with Anchor Link

  Is your organization selecting new officers? While this process may be challenging, the application process should be simple. You can streamline the transition process for your organization by using Anchor Link forms rather than paper applications or e-mailing documents. Anchor Link’s platform will help you develop an easy-to-use, professional application that will be easy...... KEEP READING

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Anchor Link Poster Week 3- Social Media- FEATURE IMAGE

Expand Your Reach!

Is your organization telling a story? Time and attention are valuable commodities. Anchor Link can be your marketing hub for sharing events to the Vanderbilt campus and Nashville community. From your organization’s Anchor Link home page, events, or news stories, you can share to Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other social media sites. Utilize...... KEEP READING

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Anchor Link Poster Week 4 - Documents - FEATURE IMAGE

Don’t Recreate the Wheel

Don’t recreate the wheel for your organization. Use Anchor Link to preserve your documents! Organizations on campus elect new leaders every year. Too often, organizations lose important information or historical records in the turnover process. By utilizing Anchor Link, your organization can seamlessly pass on information from one leadership team to the next. There is...... KEEP READING

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Anchor Link Elections Poster-- Feature

Vote with Anchor Link

Make your election process easier by using Anchor Link! Each year, student organizations elect new leaders to carry on their mission and the work of their organization.While officer turnover can be a complicated process, Anchor Link can make your election process easy. Anchor Link elections offer: 1. Simple Setup Follow the instructions in this Step-by-Step Guide...... KEEP READING

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