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Anonymous Resources

Anonymous resources include those that provide support and services without asking for any identifying information.

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Project Safe ★

The mission of the Project Safe Center is to provide information, support, referrals, and education about sexual and intimate partner violence (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking), as well as consent, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality to the Vanderbilt University community. Project Safe serves as a central resource for those impacted by power-based personal violence and can assist with navigating the University’s resource and support network (including the University Counseling Center, Student Health Center, the Title IX & Discrimination Office, and the Vanderbilt University Police Department) as well as external support and law enforcement resources. Click here to read about Project Safe’s confidentiality policy.


anonymous confidential postdocs vu physical sexual
Project Safe Hotline 615-322-SAFE (7233) ★

Call Project Safe’s 24-Hour Crisis/Support Hotline: (615) 322-SAFE (7233) for immediate support. Project Safe Center staff are available 24/7 to provide accompaniment to Vanderbilt University Medical Center Emergency Department for treatment post-assault and/or for a forensic examination. Click here to read about Project Safe’s confidentiality policy.