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Special Notes

Semester Housing Rates for 2024-2025 Academic Year

The housing rate for the 2024-2025 academic year is $7,113 per semester, pending Board of Trust approval. This rate includes a $6 Vanderbilt Student Government fee per semester.

Notification of Roommates and Suitemates Regarding Vacancies in Group Living

Students who cancel their housing for any reason (participate in out-of-town internships, study abroad programs, take a leave of absence, withdraw, etc.) are responsible for notifying their roommates and/or suitemates prior to the time, or at the same time, that the university is notified.

Housing Assignments will immediately assign the canceled rooms to students in need of a room assignment unless notice is immediately received that the remaining roommate/s or suitemates have a roommate/suitemate preference. All vacant spaces are subject to assignment by Housing and Residential Experience at any time.

Terms of Contract

Students are housed for the entire academic year, which includes both the FALL AND SPRING SEMESTERS, unless they withdraw from the university, take a leave of absence, graduate, participate in an out-of-town internship, or participate in a Vanderbilt study abroad program. Normally, there is no shortage of housing during the spring semester; therefore, students will not be permitted to request off-campus authorization for the spring semester.

Room Changes

Housing Assignments must authorize ALL room changes. Assigned students may not occupy another room, even within the same suite/apartment, without written approval to do so. Room change applications for both the fall and spring semester will be available beginning the first day of classes each semester.

Conduct Regulations

Students are expected to abide by the policies and regulations stated in the Guide to the Housing Assignment Process, their housing contracts, other publications of Housing and Residential Experience, and the Student Handbook.

All information provided on housing forms and applications must be complete and accurate. Furnishing false information may result in loss of assignment to all involved as well as disciplinary action against all involved. Filing or submitting an application or forming a roommate/suitemate/hallmate group on behalf of an individual without that individual’s express consent is prohibited and may result in loss of assignment and disciplinary action. Participating in a room selection process after receiving a room assignment is prohibited and may result in loss of assignment and disciplinary action.

Efforts to cause another student to change their housing preference in a selection process through harassment, coercion, or intimidation are prohibited and may result in loss of assignment and disciplinary action to all involved.

Attempting to manipulate the assignment process so that one is assigned to a double room with an idea of occupying it alone and driving off prospective roommates is prohibited and may result in loss of assignment and disciplinary action.

Roommates, including students assigned to cancelled spaces, should be treated with respect and consideration. Students experiencing difficulties with their roommates should attempt to work through their differences. Mediation by professional staff members is available and may be required. A student cannot demand or require that another student request a room change or be forced to change rooms. A student should not attempt to coerce a roommate to request a room change. A student who is unhappy with their roommate may request a room change. Approval of such requests is not guaranteed.