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Good Neighbor Guidelines

Vanderbilt University is dedicated to participating in the Nashville community in meaningful ways. This includes positively contributing to the experiences of residents throughout the city. To this end, the University has developed the Good Neighbor Guidelines listed below in order to help foster good neighborhood relations for current and future students living in Nashville neighborhoods. While residing off-campus, students are expected to abide by these guidelines, as well as the policies and regulations delineated in the Student Handbook, which apply to all students enrolled at Vanderbilt.

If a student is living in an off-campus residence with one or more other students or non-students and the residence is found by the University to be violation of the Good Neighbor Guidelines or other policies and regulations or to be adversely affecting the University’s relationship with the neighboring community, all Vanderbilt students who are residents may be subject to corrective action through the University’s accountability process, even if the conduct of an individual resident cannot be specifically identified. If authorization to live off-campus was granted at the discretion of the Director of Housing Assignments, it may be revoked at any time for good cause, including as part of a sanction imposed following a student accountability proceeding (refer to the Residential Life section of the Student Handbook for more information).

Good Neighbor Guidelines

Introduce yourself

Get to know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to them when you first move in or early in the semester and exchange contact information.

Respect your neighbor’s lifestyle

Depending on your neighborhood, there may be other students, working adults, or families with young children living near you. Be aware and respectful of your neighbors’ daily schedule and remember that they may have to work, get up early the next morning, or have young children at home.

Keep the noise down

Abide by local noise ordinances and avoid creating loud noises that may disturb your neighbors.

Keep your yard neat and picked-up

Practice proper yard maintenance and ensure you pick up any litter from your yard or the area around your residence.

Park your car in appropriate places

Learn the acceptable and legal places for parking at your house or apartment. In particular, it is a violation of a Metro Nashville ordinance to block a sidewalk, driveway, or fire hydrant with a parked vehicle.

Be responsible when hosting gatherings

Let your neighbors know in advance if you are planning a social gathering at your house. Keep the number of guests at a manageable level, determine a reasonable time for the gathering to end, and have plenty of trashcans available so guests can discard their litter as they leave. Promptly clean up after the event and do not leave a visible mess. Remember that all tenants of the house or apartment are responsible for behavior that occurs on the premises.


Invite your neighbors to contact you if there are any problems at your house and discuss concerns with your neighbors as soon as they arise.

Be familiar with state and local laws and University policies regarding alcohol and other drugs.