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Transfer Student Housing

Undergraduate Residential Requirement

Vanderbilt University is a residential campus for undergraduate students, and the residential experience is understood to be an integral part of a Vanderbilt education. This commitment to residential education is clearly expressed in the University’s residential requirement:

“All unmarried undergraduate students are required to live in residence halls on campus during the academic year, May session, and Summer sessions. Authorization to live elsewhere is granted at the discretion of the Director of Housing Assignments in special situations or when space is unavailable on campus.” (Student Handbook)

Transfer Student Housing Application

The Transfer Student Housing Application will be available in the Housing Portal under the Applications menu on May 4, 2021. All incoming transfer students are required to submit an application and reside on campus. Please allow 5 business days after claiming your VUnetID and downloading the DUO app for dual authentication to access the Housing Portal. Information regarding DUO can be found here. Applications are due by June 15, 2021.

Transfer student housing assignments and move-in information will be sent via email on or before August 10, 2021.

Transfer Student Housing

Transfer students are assigned to available vacancies in upper-division residential communities. Typically, transfer students are assigned to traditional double rooms or vacancies in suites/apartments with continuing upper-division students. Due to limited inventory, traditional single rooms will likely not be available. A limited number provide cluster housing for transfer students. All spaces provide transfer students with opportunities to interact with current students.

Transfer Student Interest Community Opportunities

In an effort to assist transfer students in their transition to Vanderbilt, opportunities hare available for transfer students to join LLC’s (Living Learning Communities) and the residential college communities.

If you are interested in these communities, please indicate your interest on the Transfer Housing Application. Students will be randomly selected from the applicant pool to fill the spaces in these communities. Assignment to these communities is not guaranteed and space is extremely limited.

Mayfield Transfer Experience: 

As part of the larger Mayfield Experience Living Learning Community, participants will reside in one of two Mayfield lodges with nine fellow transfer students. Participants will have the option to either 1) participate in the Transfer Project, which consists of intentional engagements both on and off Vanderbilt’s campus, or 2) create a project as a group. The Mayfield lodge is comprised of ten single bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area and two bathroom facilities. Participants will enjoy opportunities to connect with other students, the University, and the Nashville area. Residents can also take advantage of resources and tools to excel academically. Questions about the Mayfield Transfer Lodges can be directed to RC Stabile.

The McGill Project:

The McGill Project offers students an open and inviting environment where they can learn from and interact with faculty and staff members outside the classroom. A home for students with a wide variety of majors and interests, McGill members consider themselves part of an ongoing campus tradition of free expression and discovery. Questions about the McGill Project should be directed to Courtney Berry.

McTyeire International House:

McTyeire International House promotes the use of foreign languages and the awareness of different cultures. McTyeire offers programs to students seeking to improve their fluency in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, or Korean as well as a program offered in English, the International Interest Hall, to students seeking to learn more about international topics. Students are required to speak their target languages or discuss international topics at specific activities, including weekly study breaks and international dinners served Monday through Thursday in McTyeire’s own dining room. Questions about McTyeire can be directed to Anja Bandas.

Residential Colleges:

Vanderbilt’s upper-division residential colleges are designed to expand upon the experience provided on the Ingram Commons. Each college is led by a Faculty Head of College who works closely with residential colleges staff, a graduate student worker, and the College Programming and Advisory Councils to encourage learning outside of the classroom. Residents are also supported by an Area Coordinator, a Head Resident, and Resident Advisers who all live in the college.

Transfer Student Roommate Requests

Transfer students can make a roommate request on the housing application. Roommate requests are not guaranteed and only mutual requests are considered. Students will need the full name and VUnetID of their requested roommate in order to submit their request. Students should not finalize plans with their requested roommate until receiving their room assignment in early August.

Room Changes

An on-campus room assignment is for the entire academic year. Students can submit room change requests beginning the first day of classes. Additional information regarding room changes will be available in mid-August.


Transfer student move-in is scheduled for Friday, August 20, 2021. Students will be provided with a specific afternoon move-in time with their room assignment information. Move-in times will range from 1 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. Room assignment information will be emailed to all incoming transfer students on or before August 10, 2021. Prior to move-in, we will be preparing the halls for your arrival and as a result, will not be able to accommodate early move-in requests. Please plan your travel to Nashville accordingly.

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