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The Mayfield Experience

Ten students, one lodge, one project!

The Mayfield Experience seeks to empower students with a platform for pursuing their service and learning interests.  The Mayfield’s provide students an opportunity to create a self-generated, self-directed group project with the guidance of a faculty advisor of their choice.  To apply groups must create and present a detailed proposal of their project’s purpose, goals, and timeline.  Following a panel style interview process, groups with well-formed and well-articulated projects may be admitted into the community.  Upon entry into the Mayfield’s, program requirements include monthly reports, weekly meetings, lectures with faculty and staff, regular meetings with faculty advisors and participation in educational programs for the campus and community at large.

Mission & Goals

The Mayfield Living Learning Community provides opportunities for students to develop an understanding of and appreciation for living in a residential learning community.  First, a community of ten students – with the help of their advisor – sets specific learning goals, articulates a plan or project for achieving those goals, documents their activities in a monthly report, and evaluates their accomplishments with the Mayfield Living Learning Community Program Coordinator in a monthly meeting.  To assist in evaluating the quality of the program, participants are expected to complete the Quality of Life Survey and other research instruments. Second, Mayfield residents are expected to participate in programs consisting of community development and/or service learning, as relevant to their needs and as directed by the Mayfield Program Coordinators.  Third, through their projects, students come to understand the meaning of membership in a residential learning community.

The Mayfield Showcase

Each lodge participates in a Mayfield Showcase at the end of the Fall semester in December.  This showcase will involve each lodge designing and producing a display, video, interactive presentation or other innovative methods to represent the progress completed and knowledge learned in their Mayfield lodge over the past semester.  The showcase is normally attended by interested members of the community, faculty, staff and aspiring members of future Mayfield communities.

The Mayfield Executive Council

In 2005, the Mayfield Executive Council was initialized as Mayfield’s first autonomous, student-led council. The council was formed with a direct mandate to help generate a more cohesive community through creative and involving programming, to mediate communication between administrators and community members, to establish a student-lead local policy-forming government, to maintain a high quality of Lodge life and to collect dues and manage Mayfield fiscal finances.  The purpose of the council is based on communication, programming and finance.  As far as programming, the council seeks to develop, stimulate and coordinate Mayfield-community-wide events and to encourage all community members to be present at community events; to help build and maintain community between individual Mayfield Lodges.

The Mayfield Application

The Mayfield Project Experience Application is housed on the Student Housing Portal under applications.
Click here for the Mayfield Experience Project Application Document

All 10 participants must complete the online application and contribute to the Mayfield Experience Project Application Document. One participant should be identified as the Mayfield Project Experience Leader and upload the Mayfield Experience Project Application Document with their Mayfield Experience Project online application. Please utilize the “Fill & Sign” function on Adobe Acrobat to complete the document. Please contact Alexa Paleka (alexandra.s.paleka@Vanderbilt.Edu) with any questions about the application process.

Contact Us:

Graduate Program Coordinator: Alexa Paleka

Area Coordinator/Council Advisor: RC Stabile,

Assistant Director: Lauren Moon