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Music Room Reservations

Music rooms are reservable in 15-minute increments with a maximum of 60 minutes per reservation. Residents should only reserve music rooms in their residence halls or residence halls they have access to.

Students must abide by all University and COVID19 guidelines at all times. Food and drink are strictly prohibited in music rooms.

Disinfectant will be provided in all music rooms. Students should disinfect the room before and after each use.

List of music Rooms

Select your residence hall below to see which music rooms you could reserve. 

Blakemore House
BKM Music Rm – 109B
Branscomb Quad
BQ Music 1, BQ Music 2 & BQ Music 3
Cole Hall
COL Music Rm – 124 
Crawford House
CRA Music 107 & CRA Music 108 
East House
EAS Music 108A & EAS Music 108B 
E. Bronson Ingram College
EBI Music 1127 & EBI Music Rm 1125
Gillette House
GIL Music 118, GIL Music 119 & GIL Music 120 
Hank Ingram House
ING Music 109 & ING Music 110
McGill Hall
MCG Music 108
McTyeire International House
BQ Music 1, BQ Music 2 & BQ Music 3
Memorial House
MEM Music 115 & MEM Music 116
Moore College
MRE Music Rm 132, MRE Music Rm 140 & MRE Music Rm 169
Murray House
MUR Music 106 & MUR Music 107
North House
NOR Music 222 & NOR Music 224
Stambaugh House
STM Music 106
Sutherland House
SUT Music 105
Tolman Hall
EBI Music 1127 & EBI Music Rm 1125
West House
WES Music 110, WES Music 111 & WES Music 112
Warren College
WRN Music Rm 042, WRN Music Rm 044 & WRN Music Rm 045 
Nicolas S. Zeppos College
ZEP Music 1415A & ZEP Music 1415B 
RTH Music 0102, RTH Music 0103 & RTH Music 0104 
How to Reserve a Music Room

1. Step one- click on following link:

2. Log in with their VUNET ID and password.

3. Click on Room Reservation.

4. Click on Room Group.

5. Filter the room Group you need.

6. Click on Reserve.

7. Select When?

8. Click on Reserve.

9. Choose confirmation via text or email.

10. Click on Confirm.


If you have a question regarding music room reservations, please contact us at