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Nano Electronics: Applying Nanotechnology and Materials to Create New Electronic Capabilities


Electronic devices have become a pervasive part of daily life, and smaller, lower-power devices are enabling new applications every day. ViNSE researchers have access to a wide variety of leading edge and emerging nano-scale devices through in-house fabrication capabilities and an extensive network of partnerships with academic and industry collaborators throughout the world. Multi-disciplinary engineering at the nano-scale is at the heart of applying nanoscience and new materials to create electrical and electro-mechanical devices. Studying the relationships between material and structural parameters, and mechanisms of device operation, allows ViNSE researchers to understand reliability considerations for new classes of devices for use in consumer, medical, space and military environments.

Core Faculty

Mike Alles
Josh Caldwell
Dan Fleetwood
Kelsey Hatzell
Piran Kidambi
Robert Reed
Ronald Schrimpf
Yaqiong Xu