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VINSE provides access and training on start-of-the-art fabrication and characterization equipment inside Vanderbilt University’s Engineering and Science Building (ESB). Full-time staff provide training, process assistance and tool troubleshooting.  Our new facilities include a cleanroom, analytical/nanocrystal fabrication support core and advanced imaging suite. The cleanroom provides cutting-edge nanofabrication tools for the development of materials and integrated devices as well as microfluidic and nano-photonic systems. An analytical laboratory conveniently located adjacent to the cleanroom contains a comprehensive range of characterization tools. The imaging suite hosts a number of advanced imaging platforms.

Cleanroom - 111 Engineering & Science Building

Trained and authorized users perform a wide variety of nanofabrication activities under tightly controlled environmental conditions inside the VINSE cleanroom where temperature and moisture levels are controlled at 68+2oF and 44+4% relative humidity (RH), respectively. The bay and chase design of the cleanroom totals approximately 10,000 sqft of floor space consisting of the following areas:

  • Two ISO 5 (Class 100) lithography bays;
  • Two ISO 6 (Class 1000) bays for deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), etch and metrology activities;
  • ISO 6 (Class 1000) dedicated E-Beam enclosure designed to noise criterion (NC) 25;
  • Clean corridor and gowning rooms;
  • Isolated equipment chases; and
  • Hazardous process material (HPM) support corridor and storage rooms.

Central utilities for house and high-purity nitrogen, compressed dry air (CDA), process vacuum, process cooling water and type E-1 ASTM electronics and semiconductor grade water are provided along with solvent and corrosive exhaust systems that utilize point-of-use (POU) scrubbers for specialty gases. The cleanroom is located on the main floor of the Vanderbilt University Engineering & Sciences Building (ESB) with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing all activities to be viewed safely and conveniently by tours, outreach groups and casual observers.

Lithography Equipment:

Plasma Etch Equipment:

Deposition Equipment:

Thermal Processing Equipment:

Miscellaneous Equipment:

Nanocrystal/Analytical Support Core - 107 Engineering & Science Building

VINSE Imaging Suite 

The VINSE Imaging Suite, located in a 23-foot deep basement in the new Engineering and Science Building (ESB) hosts our advanced optical instrumentation in a space that minimizes ambient noise, vibration and electromagnetic field levels for best imaging resolution. Specimen preparation resources include optical microscopes, diamond saws, grinders, polishers, and a sputter coater for specimen preparation.