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Nano Energy: Improving generation, usage, and storage of energy


Nanoscience will play a significant role in securing our  energy future.  VINSE researchers are using nanostructures to enhance the efficiency of solar  cells, developing nanostructures that generate hydrogen and oxygen fuels from sunlight, and exploiting nature’s own photosystem to generate energy.  Energy storage is equally important to energy generation.  VINSE investigators are using nanofibers to develop improved batteries and investigating ways to integrate energy storage into structural materials.  Finally it is important that we use energy efficiently.  VINSE researchers are developing efficient and low power optoelectronics and exploring the use of ultrasmall nanocrystals in energy efficient lighting.

Selected Podcasts

Episode 22:  Kofi Christie  – desalination of water - which is used globally to provide people with needed fresh water
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Episode 11:  John Slack  – Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electricity.
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Episode 2:  Kody Wolfe  - Plants for solar energy capture.
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Core Faculty

David Cliffel
Philippe Fauchet
Kane Jennings
De-en Jiang
Piran Kidambi
Deyu Li
Janet Macdonald
Sokrates Pantelides
Peter Pintauro
Bridget Rogers
Sandra Rosenthal
Jason Valentine
Greg Walker