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Sokrates T. Pantelides

University Distinguished Professor of Physics and Engineering
William and Nancy McMinn Professor of Physics
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Pantelides and his group employ atomic-scale and multiscale theoretical calculations (primarily density functional calculations) to investigate structural, electronic, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties of nanoparticles, nanostructures, two-dimensional materials, layered materials, complex oxides, semiconductor devices, ferroelectrics, and catalysis. The group has extensive collaborations with experimental groups that employ scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) Z-contrast imaging and electron-energy-loss spectroscopy, scanning tunneling microscopy and other proximal probes at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US universities, as well as universities in China and Singapore. Some of Pantelides’s graduate students are trained in both theory and microscopy. The group also collaborates extensively with VINSE experimental groups.


• Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electric Engineers, 2014
• Fellow, Materials Research Society, 2012
• Outstanding Referee Award, American Physical Society, 2008
• Fellow, American Associate for the Advancement of Science, 2003
• Chancellor’s Research Award, Vanderbilt University 2003
• Invited by the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Physics (1982-2002)
• Fellow, American Physical Society, 1980
• IBM Outstanding Innovation Award, 1979

Selected Publications:

Dislocation-driven growth of two-dimensional lateral quantum-well superlattices. Zhou, W; Zhang, YY; Chen, JY; Li, DD; Zhou, JD; Liu, Z; Chisholm, MF; Pantelides, ST; Loh, KP, SCIENCE ADVANCES, 4, eaap9096 , (2018) View Abstract

Temperature Measurement by a Nanoscale Electron Probe Using Energy Gain and Loss Spectroscopy. Idrobo, JC; Lupini, AR; Feng, TL; Unocic, RR; Walden, FS; Gardiner, DS; Lovejoy, TC; Dellby, N; Pantelides, ST; Krivanek, OL, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 120, 095901 , (2018) View Abstract

Fundamental Resolution of Difficulties in the Theory of Charged Point Defects in Semiconductors. Wu, YN; Zhang, XG; Pantelides, ST, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 119, 105501 , (2017) View Abstract

Interface-induced multiferroism by design in complex oxide superlattices. Guo, HW; Wang, Z; Dong, S; Ghosh, S; Saghayezhian, M; Chen, L; Weng, YK; Herklotz, A; Ward, TZ; Jin, RY; Pantelides, ST; Zhu, YM; Zhang, JD; Plummer, EW, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 114, E5062-E5069 , (2017) View Abstract

Intrinsically patterned two-dimensional materials for selective adsorption of molecules and nanoclusters. Lin, X; Lu, JC; Shao, Y; Zhang, YY; Wu, X; Pan, JB; Gao, L; Zhu, SY; Qian, K; Zhang, YF; Bao, DL; Li, LF; Wang, YQ; Liu, ZL; Sun, JT; Lei, T; Liu, C; Wang, JO; Ibrahim, K; Leonard, DN; Zhou, W; Guo, HM; Wang, YL; Du, SX; Pantelides, ST; Gao, HJ, NATURE MATERIALS, 16, 717-+ , (2017) View Abstract