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Josh D. Caldwell

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Director, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Materials Science
Director, VINSE Research Experience for Undergraduates


My research focuses on the confinement of electromagnetic energy and charged particles in the nano- to atomic-scale dimensions and the interactions between such confined systems. This involves the sub-diffractional confinement of light using 'polaritons' within the optical spectral domain (primarily the infrared), the design of nanoscale optical components, and identifying and characterizing novel optical, electro-optical and electronic materials.


• Invited Lecturer Nato School of Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy
• Primary Inventor on NRL Edison Award (top patent of the year)
• 4x NRL Alan Berman Award winner (top paper of the year)
• NRL Sabbatical Recipient at University of Manchester (UK) with the Novoselov group
• Young Scientist Award ESR in Low Dimensional Structures Workshop
• Young Scientist Award PCSI Conference

Selected Publications:

Precise control of infrared polarization. Folland, TG; Caldwell, JD, NATURE, 562, 499-501 , (2018)

Reconfigurable infrared hyperbolic metasurfaces using phase change materials. Follan, TG; Fali, A; White, ST; Matson, JR; Liu, S; Aghamiri, NA; Edgar, JH; Haglund, RF; Abate, Y; Caldwell, JD, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 9, 4371 , (2018) View Abstract

Polaritons in layered 2D Materials. Low, T; Chaves A; Caldwell, JD; Kumar, A; Fang, NX; Avouris, P; Heinz, TF; Guinea, F; Martin-Moreno, L; Koppens, F, NATURE MATERIALS, 16, 182-194 , (2017) View Abstract

Hyperbolic phonon-polaritons in boron nitride for near-field optical imaging and focusing. Li, PN; Lewin, M; Kretinin, AV; Caldwell, JD; Novoselov, KS; Taniguchi, T; Watanabe, K; Gaussmann, F; Taubner, T, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 6, 7507 , (2015) View Abstract

Low-loss, infrared and terahertz nanophotonics using surface phonon polaritons. Caldwell, JD; Lindsay, L; Giannini, V; Vurgaftman, I; Reinecke, TL; Maier, SA; Glembocki, OJ, NANOPHOTONICS, 4, 44-68 , (2015) View Abstract