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Get Access to VINSE - New Vanderbilt Users

VINSE user facilities are open to everyone.  There are no membership fees – VINSE charges hourly rates for our facilities and equipment. Complete the following steps to receive access to VINSE core facilities. Detailed instructions for each step are provided below.

  1. Submit request to access facilities form
  2. OCRS safety training
  3. Lab specific training 
  4. Create iLab account
Step 1: Submit Online Request 

Submit an online 'Request to Access VINSE Facilities' form. This form is required for new users and current users that want access to additional VINSE facilities.

Step 2: OCRS Safety Training 

Users requesting access to analytical or cleanroom labs are required to complete both OCRS training modules below.  (If using only advanced imaging tools, skip this step).   

  • Log in to SkyVU
  • "Me" menu, select "Learning" 
  • Search and enroll in “Chemical Waste Training for Labs” & “Chemical and Physical Safety in the Lab”
  • Email VINSE screenshots of completion reports (screenshot must include your name or your initials from ORACLE)
Step 3: Lab Specific Training 

*Reminder - only complete the training for the labs you plan to use



Advanced Imaging  

No orientation, tool specific training is scheduled upon request

Step 4: iLab Account Set-up 

iLab is the platform used to make tool reservations and complete the billing.

  • Click here to create an account , after account is created contact your PI to be assigned a project billing number
  • Find VINSE under "Core Facilities" and request access