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Get Access to VINSE - New Vanderbilt Users

VINSE user facilities are open to everyone.  There are no membership fees – VINSE charges hourly rates for our facilities and equipment. Complete the following steps to receive access to VINSE core facilities. Detailed instructions for each step are provided below. Non-Vanderbilt users, click here.

  1. Submit request to access facilities form
  2. Create iLab account
  3. VU EHS safety training
  4. Lab specific training 
  5. Join VINSE in iLab
Step 1: Submit Online Request 

Submit an online 'Request to Access VINSE Facilities' form. This form is required for new users and current users that want access to additional VINSE facilities.

Step 2: Request iLab Account

iLab is the platform used to make tool reservations and complete the billing.

Step 3: VU EHS Safety Training 

Users requesting access to analytical or cleanroom labs are required to complete the VU EHS training modules below.  (If using only advanced imaging tools, skip this step).   

  • Log in to SkyVU
  • "Me" menu, select "Learning" 
  • Search and enroll in “Chemical and Physical Safety for Research Labs”
  • Email VINSE a screenshot of completion report
Step 4: Lab Specific Training 

*Reminder - only complete the training for the labs you plan to use



Advanced Imaging  

No orientation, tool specific training is scheduled upon request

Step 5: Join VINSE in iLab
  • Find VINSE under "Core Facilities" and request access