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Mona Ebrish

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


The internet of things is the climax of the technology era where different devices share and record their perception of the surroundings. With this new paradigm of sharing comes a need for ubiquitous materials and devices that can perform reliably in harsh environments. This combination of functionalities necessitates moving away from monolithic Si electronics and consequently combining heterogeneous electronic systems of diverse materials. 2D materials and wide-bandgap semiconductors offer solutions where Si cannot. I have over a dozen patents and several publications in these different technologies that reflect a diverse school of thought and dynamic research methodology. Armed with this knowledge, my future research group will design and fabricate an ultra-compact System on Chip for IoT applications utilizing these different technologies. My research group will innovate and develop new building blocks for standalone IoT technology from different types of emerging materials and capitalize on their unique and overlooked properties. Under my leadership, I envision developing multiple techniques to fabricate and evaluate biological and chemical sensors that can be heterogeneously integrated with efficient power management devices on foundry compatible chiplets.


• Selected to participate at the NextProf Nexus Workshop, 2019
• Awarded National Research Council Fellowship, 2019
• IBM Recognition Center 3rd Invention Plateau, 2019
• IBM Recognition Center 2nd Invention Plateau, 2017
• IBM Recognition Center 1st Invention Plateau, 2017
• Best lightning talk at 10th Albany nanotechnology symposium, 2016
• Fulbright Scholarship that covered Master of Science, 2009-2011

Selected Publications:

Impact of Anode Thickness on Breakdown Mechanisms in Vertical GaN PiN Diodes with Planar Edge Termination. Ebrish, MA; Porter, MA; Jacobs, AG; Gallagher, JC; Kaplar, RJ; Gunning, BP; Hobart, KD; Anderson, TJ, CRYSTALS, 12, 623 , (2022) View Abstract

Optimizing performance and yield of vertical GaN diodes using wafer scale optical techniques. Gallagher, JC; Ebrish, MA; Porter, MA; Jacobs, AG; Gunning, BP; Kaplar, RJ; Hobart, KD; Anderson, TJ, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 12, 658 , (2022) View Abstract

Process Optimization for Selective Area Doping of GaN by Ion Implantation. Ebrish, MA; Anderson, TJ; Jacobs, AG; Gallagher, JC; Hite, JK; Mastro, MA; Feigelson, BN; Wang, YK; Liao, MCE; Goorsky, M; Hobart, KD, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, 50, 4642-4649 , (2021) View Abstract

Effect of Noncovalent Basal Plane Functionalization on the Quantum Capacitance in Graphene. Ebrish, MA; Olson, EJ; Koester, SJ, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 6, 10296-10303 , (2014) View Abstract