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Get Access to VINSE - External Users

If you are not a Vanderbilt student or employee, a user agreement must be signed by your home institution or company as a prerequisite to work in VINSE core facilities. Review the different types of user agreements here.  If you have any questions about completing the user agreement, please contact the VINSE Business Office

Complete the following steps to receive access to VINSE core facilities. Detailed instructions for each step are provided  below.  

  1. VU EHS general lab safety training
  2. Lab specific training
  3. Create an iLab account
  4. Obtain a Vanderbilt ID card
  5. Obtain a parking pass if needed
Step 1: VU EHS Safety Training

Users requesting access to the analytical lab and/or the cleanroom are required to complete the VU EHS training module below.  (If using only advanced imaging tools, skip this step.)  

  • Complete Chemical and Physical Safety for Research Labs
    • List: "VINSE Vanderbilt Institute of Nanoscale Science and Engineering"  as your VU Sponsor, VU Department and VU Organization
    • Select 'no' for Biosafety 101
    • Select 'yes' for Chemical and Physical Safety for Research Labs
    • Select 'no' for Laser Safety

Email VINSE a copy of the course completion certificate.

Step 2: Lab Specific Training

*Reminder - only complete the training for the labs you plan to use



Advanced Imaging

No orientation, tool specific training is scheduled after completion of remaining steps.

Step 3: iLab Account Set-up

iLab is the platform used to make tool reservations and complete billing. 

Step 4: Vanderbilt ID Card

You will need a Vanderbilt ID card to access VINSE facilities. The password to complete the card services form will be provided after training is complete.

  • Complete the card holder information section on the Card Services Form and email it to VINSE for signature. The form will be review and returned with signature.
  • Email the signed form to the Commodore Card Office  include a recent photo and a copy of your driver's license. 

Photo Submission Guidelines:

  • All photos need to be in color (no black & white photos)
  • Your entire head and shoulders must be visible
  • You must be facing forward looking directly into the camera
  • You must have a plain, light colored background
  • No other people or objects may be in the photo
  • You must not have anything touching your face such as hands, props or other distractions
  • You must not make any gestures or inappropriate facial expressions
  • You may not wear a hat or sunglasses
  • You may not wear jewelry or garments that obstruct the view of your face 
  • Vanderbilt Card Services reserves the right to determine any photo as being inappropriate

Your card will be sent to the VINSE office, we can mail to you or have it available for you on your first visit.

Step 5: Parking Permit

Visitors can get an external vendor parking permit from Vanderbilt Parking Services .  Academic partners and non-for-profit organizations can email VINSE to inquire if a discounted parking pass is available.

Users will obtain access of the VINSE core facilities and be scheduled for tool specific training once all of the required steps are complete.

If you have any problems or questions completing the steps above, please email VINSE.