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Industry Affiliates Program


Let’s Drive Innovation Together

To advance nanoscience research and education driven by both curiosity-inspired and use-inspired studies, VINSE has established an Industry Affiliates Program (IAP) designed to foster dynamic and collaborative relations with domestic and international industry leaders. Industry members will have an opportunity to develop relationships with students and faculty at networking events, as well as to demonstrate the capabilities of their products to the VINSE community. All IAP membership funds will remain within VINSE and will be used to support self-sustaining networking events. Any residual funds will be used to support VINSE students, faculty, and infrastructure.

Membership Benefits

Annual Sponsorship: $500

  • Exposure to latest research and developments in cutting-edge technologies in VINSE
  • Access to VINSE students and postdocs through an online database of profiles and resumes
  • Virtual and on-campus recruitment opportunities
  • Ability to post job openings on the VINSE website
  • Access to VINSE research through an invitation to the annual Vanderbilt Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Forum (NanoDay!)
  • Invitation to participate in VINSE short courses (options include Introduction to Microelectronics, Microfluidic Device Fabrication, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Electron Microscopy)
  • Sponsorship acknowledgement on VINSE website and at select sponsored events
  • Subscription to the VINSE newsletter for notification of Spotlight publications and other VINSE updates
  • Opportunity to sponsor a workshop•
  • Opportunity to pitch collaborative projects to VINSE faculty and students
  • Personal lab tours of VINSE core facilities upon request

Membership benefits can also be tailored to specific industry affiliate needs, please contact VINSE Senior Program Manager, Sarah Ross.