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VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications

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"Role of Surface Morphology on Exciton Recombination in Single Quantum Dot-in-Rods Revealed by Optical and Atomic Structure Correlation" Kemar Reid, James R. McBride, Andrew D. La Croix, Nathaniel J. Freymeyer, Sophia M. Click, Janet E. Macdonald, and Sandra J. Rosenthal, ACS Nano, 12 (11), 11434-11445, 2018. PDF

Nano Letters Thumbnail

"Ultrasensitive Graphene Optoelectronic Probes for Recording Electrical Activities of Individual Synapses" Rui Wang, Mingjian Shi, Bryson Brewer, Lijie Yang, Yuchen Zhang, Donna Webb, Deyu Li, and Ya-Qiong Xu, Nano Letters, 18, 5702-5708, 2018. PDF


Nano Letters Thumbnail

"Multifunctional Structural Ultrabattery Composite" C. Meng, N. Muralidharan, E. Teblum, K.E. Moyer, G.D. Nessim, and C.L. Pint, Nano Letters, 18, 7761-7768, 2018. PDF


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"High-Resolution Large-Ensemble Nanoparticle Trapping with Multifunctional Thermoplasmonic Nanohole Metasurface" J.C. Ndukaife, Y. Xuan, A.G.A. Nnanna, A.V. Kildishev, V.M. Shalaev, S.T. Wereley, and A. Boltasseva, ACS Nano, 12, 5376-5384, 2018. PDF


Nature Communications Thumbnail

"Reconfigurable infrared hyperbolic metasurfaces using phase change materials" T.G. Folland, A. Fali, S.T. White, J.R. Matson, S. Liu, N.A. Aghamiri, J.H. Edgar, R.F. Haglund, Jr., Y. Abate, and J.D. Caldwell, Nature Communications, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-06585-y, 2018. PDF


Chemical Physics Letters Thumbnail

"Single quantum dot tracking illuminates neuroscience at the nanoscale" Oleg Kovtun, Ian D. Tomlinson, Danielle M. Bailey, Lucas B. Thal, Emily J. Ross, Lauren Harris, Michael P. Frankland, Riley S. Ferguson, Zachary Glaser, Jonathan Greer IV, and Sandra J. Rosenthal, Chemical Physics Letters, 706, 741-752 2018. PDF

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