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VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications

Thumbnail"Multifunctional metaoptics based on bilayer metasurfaces" You Zhou, Ivan I. Kravchenko, Hao Wang, Hanyu Zheng, Gong Gu and Jason Valentine, Light: Science & Applications, 8:80, 2019. PDF


""3D-Printed alternating current electroluminescent devices" Cole D. Brubaker, Kailey N. Newcome, G. Kane Jennings, and Douglas E. Adams, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7, 5573, 2019. PDF


"A smartphone biosensor based on analysing structural colour of porous silicon" Tengfei Cao, Yiliang Zhao, Crystal Nattoo, Rabeb Layoni and Sharon Weiss, Analyst, 144, 3942, 2019. PDF


"Fiber alignment drives changes in architectural and mechanical features in collagen matrices" Paul V. Taufalele, Jacob A. VanderBurgh, Adam Munoz, Matthew R. Zanotelli, and Cynthia A. Reinhart-King, PLoS One, 14(5), e0216537, 2019. PDF


"Nanofiber Fuel Cell MEAs with a PtCo/C Cathode" J. J. Slack, C. Gumeci, N. Dale, J. Parrondo, N. Macauley, R. Mukundan,D. Cullen, B. Sneed, K. More,  and P. N. Pintauro, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 166 (7), F3202-F3209, 2019. PDF

ACS Nano Thumbnail

"Gal8 Visualization of Endosome Disruption Predicts Carrier-Mediated Biologic Drug Intracellular Bioavailability" Kameron V. Kilchrist, Somtochukwu C. Dimobi, Meredith A. Jackson, Brian C. Evans, Thomas A. Werfel, Eric A. Dailing, Sean K. Bedingfield, Isom B. Kelly, and Craig L. Duvall, ACS Nano, 13, 1136-1152, 2019.  PDF

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