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VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications

CM Thumbnail"Controlled Surface Chemistry for the Directed Attachment of Copper (I) Sulfide Nanocrystals" Evan H. Robinson, Michael J. Turo, and Janet E. Macdonald, Chemistry of Materials, 29 (9), 3854-3857, 2017. PDF

JMCB Thumbnail"Resorbable nanocomposites with bone-like strength and enhanced cellular activity" S. Lu, M.A.P. McGough, B.R. Rogers, J.C. Wenke, D. Shimko, and S.A. Guelcher, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5, 4198-4206, 2017. PDF

Nano Letters Thumbnail"A Sugar-Derived Room-Temperature Sodium Sulfur Battery with Long Term Cycling Stability" Rachel Carter, Landon Oakes, Anna Douglas, Nitin Muralidharan, Adam P. Cohn, and Cary L. Pint, Nano Letters, 17, 1863-1869, 2017. PDF

Optics Express Thumbnail"Photonic crystal microring resonator for label-free biosensing" Stanley M. Lo, Shuren Hu, Girija Gaur, Yiorgos Kostoulas, Sharon M. Weiss, and Philippe M. Fauchet, Optics Express, 25 (6), 7046-7054, 2017. PDF

Nanoscale: Ultrafast carrier dynamics in bimetallic nanostructure-enhanced methylammonium lead bromide perovskites"Ultrafast carrier dynamics in bimetallic nanostructure-enhanced methylammonium lead bromide perovskites" Holly F. Zarick, Abdelaziz, Alexander A. Puretzky, Eric M. Talbert, Zachary R. DeBra, Naiya Soetan, David B. Geohegan, and Rizia Bardhan, Nanoscale, 9, 1475-1483, 2017. PDF

Analyst: Magnetically-enabled biomarker extraction and delivery system: towards integrated ASSURED diagnostic tools"Magnetically-enabled biomarker extraction and delivery system: towards integrated ASSURED diagnostic tools" Westley S. Bauer, Danielle W. Kimmel, Nicholas M. Adams, Lauren E. Gibson, Thomas F. Scherr, Kelly A. Richardson, Joseph A. Conrad, Hellen K. Matakala, Frederick R. Haselton, and David W. Wright, Analyst, 142, 1569-1580, 2017. PDF

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