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VINSE Featured Spotlight Publications

PLOS One"Fiber alignment drives changes in architectural and mechanical features in collagen matrices" Paul V. Taufalele, Jacob A. VanderBurgh, Adam Munoz, Matthew R. Zanotelli, and Cynthia A. Reinhart-King, PLoS One, 14(5), e0216537, 2019. PDF


"Nanofiber Fuel Cell MEAs with a PtCo/C Cathode" J. J. Slack, C. Gumeci, N. Dale, J. Parrondo, N. Macauley, R. Mukundan,D. Cullen, B. Sneed, K. More,  and P. N. Pintauro, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 166 (7), F3202-F3209, 2019. PDF

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"Gal8 Visualization of Endosome Disruption Predicts Carrier-Mediated Biologic Drug Intracellular Bioavailability" Kameron V. Kilchrist, Somtochukwu C. Dimobi, Meredith A. Jackson, Brian C. Evans, Thomas A. Werfel, Eric A. Dailing, Sean K. Bedingfield, Isom B. Kelly, and Craig L. Duvall, ACS Nano, 13, 1136-1152, 2019.  PDF


"Optofluidic control using plasmonic TiN bowtie nanoantenna" Chuchuan Hong, Sen Yang and Justus Ndukaife, Optical Materials Express, 9 (3), 2019. PDF


"Minimal dosing of leukocyte targeting TRAIL decreases triple-negative" Nidhi Jyotsana, Zhenjiang Zhang, Lauren E. Himmel, Fang Yu, Michael R. King, Science Advances, 5, eaaw4197, 2019. PDF


""Influence of Single-Stranded DNA Coatings on the Interaction between Graphene Nanoflakes and Lipid Bilayers" Timothy C. Moore, Alexander H. Yang, Olu Ogungbesan, Remco Hartkamp, Christopher R. Iacovella, Qi Zhang and Clare McCabe, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 123, 7711-7721, 2019. PDF

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