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Facility Tours

VINSE currently offers guided, self-guided, and virtual tours of our facilities. 

  • Virtual Tour of the Analytical Laboratory
  • Virtual Tour of the Cleanroom
  • Guided Tours - Our guide will you show you around the outside of the labs where you can look into the various areas and see the equipment and researchers at their work. This tour takes approximately 30 minutes.
  • Guided Tour Add-on - Want to dress up like a nanoscientist?  We can add-on a gowning activity where one or two members of your tour group gown up in cleanroom bunny suits in the lobby before the window tour. This typically adds 30 minutes to the tour.
  • Window Tour of VINSE Cleanroom (Self-Guided) - Take the window tour using our self-guiding posters positioned in the appropriate locations in each of the bays. Read about different research techniques and then look in through the windows to see where that activity is actually done. Start the tour at the corner of the cleanroom inside the Engineering Science building across from the Wond'ry.
  • Advanced Imaging Visualization Center (Self-Guided) - Learn about VINSE imaging capabilities at the visualization center in the basement of the Engineering Science Building. Watch live video feeds from all four VINSE imaging tools in real time.  

Click here to request a guided tour

All tour requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event. 

Recently attended a guided VINSE tour? We welcome your feedback.