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Industrial and External Users

VINSE brings world class materials development, characterization and fabrication facilities to middle Tennessee and the surrounding regions. Equipped with a state-of-the-art cleanroom, dedicated analytical laboratory and an advanced imaging suite, VINSE is geared to accelerate materials and nanoscience development. Our highly skilled staff are ready to help you solve your material science problems in a flexible and affordable way.

"Here at Nanosys, we make quantum dots, which are tiny nanoparticles with specifically designed structures. VINSE has helped us to characterize about 200 samples. The data reports provided continue to impress our scientists, always showcasing exactly what we want to learn".

Xiaofeng Zhang
NanoSys, Inc.

Leverage VINSE’s abilities by:

Consultation: Take advantage of the experienced VINSE staff to help guide your technological development. We will work with you to build a research plan that best uses our facilities to quickly meet your needs.

Fabrication and Characterization: Do you have materials that require fabrication or samples that you need to have characterize?  Skip the learning curve and let the VINSE staff perform the experiments and get to the solution as soon as possible. Download user agreement here

Full Site Access: For those who want to be a part of every step, we’ll train your scientists to operate independently in our facilities. Download master agreement here

To get started, please contact:

Sarah Ross, Senior Program Manager
(615) 343-6868