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VINSE Spotlight Podcast


In the VINSE Spotlight Podcast we interview the author of the Spotlight publication. We find out straight from the source what each paper's all about and delve deeper into the huge variety of research going on at VINSE.


Episode 4: Alice Leach talks with Andrew Summers from the lab of Clare McCabe about how computers can accelerate scientific research. 
"MoSDeF, a Python Framework Enabling Large-Scale Computational Screening of Soft Matter: Application to Chemistry-Property Relationships in Lubricating Monolayer Films" Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Episode 3:
Alice Leach talks with Chris Haycook about how nanoparticles can improve the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
"PEGylated PLGA Nanoparticle Delivery of Eggmanone for T Cell Modulation: Applications in Rheumatic Autoimmunity" International Journal of Nanomedicine

Episode 2: Alice Leach talks with Kody Wolfe about using plants to capture solar energy.
"Improving the stability of photosystem I–based bioelectrodes for solar energy conversion" Electrochemistry

Episode 1: Alice Leach talks with You Zhou about photonics - the manipulation of light!
"Flat optics for image differentiation" Nature Photonics