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VINSE Spotlight Podcast


In the VINSE Spotlight Podcast we interview the author of the Spotlight publication. We find out straight from the source what each paper's all about and delve deeper into the huge variety of research going on at VINSE.

Episode 14: Jenna Dombroski – progress toward a breast cancer vaccine!


Episode 13: Michael Kosson – 3D print cement
Journal of the Transportation Research Record


Episode 12: Matthew Gerboth – Heat moves through materials at the nanoscale.
Journal of Applied Physics


Episode 11: John Slack – Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electricity.
Journal of The Electrochemical Society


Episode 10: Andrew Naclerio – Exceptional properties of 2D materials.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Episode 9: James McBride - Imaging the next generation of electronics.

Episode 8: Stephanie Pearlman - Diagnosis of infectious diseases in low resource settings.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Episode 7: Thomas Folland - Trapping and concentrating light.
ACS Photonics

Episode 6: Nathan Spear - Exotic optical properties of nanoparticles.
ACS Applied Nano Materials

Episode 5: Joe Vanderburgh - Nanoparticles can be used to treat bone metastasis of cancer.
ACS Nano


Episode 4: Andrew Summers - How computers  accelerate scientific research.
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

Episode 3: Chris Haycook - Nanoparticles for the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
International Journal of Nanomedicine


Episode 2: Kody Wolfe - Plants for solar energy capture.

Episode 1: You Zhou  - Photonics: the manipulation of light.
Nature Photonics