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Short Courses & Professional Development

Professional Development

Atomic Force Microscopy Training Courses

These Bruker sessions provide in-depth detail and instruction on specific "mini-topics". These courses focus on the understanding of common and advanced AFM modes on the Bruker Dimension Icon system.

Bruker Online Training

Short Courses 

Microfluidic Device Fabrication  

Microfluidic devices can enable “labs on chips” that consume less reagents and have faster analysis times than similar experiments performed in a traditional lab environment.  Applications of microfluidic devices include portable sensors for point-of-care analysis, molecular and cell biology studies, and high-throughput multiplexed assays.  This short course will introduce the techniques behind the fabrication of microfluidic devices.  It will be structured to assume no prior knowledge of the technologies by the participants.  It will include an overview of microfabrication and microfluidics, photolithography, soft lithography, polymers, microfluidic device design, and microfluidic device applications.  Students will fabricate a PDMS-glass microfluidic device inside the VINSE cleanroom with sessions broken down into SU-8 mold fabrication, PDMS mixing and pouring, and device cutting, bonding and testing.   

$150 Vanderbilt Users; $150 External Academic and Non-Profit Users; $600 Industry and For-Profit Users      

Transmission and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM/STEM) for Materials Science  

Transmission electron microscopy is an invaluable technique used to characterize materials at the nanoscale.  Beyond lattice imaging, the modern TEM is capable of chemical imaging, 3D reconstructions and performing a variety of in situ experiments.  While the day-to-day operation of the TEM has become far more accessible, it is necessary to possess a sound understanding of the mechanisms behind image formation and how to best utilize the microscope to solve material science problems.  This short course will blend accessible lectures with hands-on experience operating the  Tecnai  Osiris advanced analytical TEM/SEM.  After completing this course, users will know how to correctly acquire and interpret bright field and dark field images as well as how to collect diffraction patterns.  Further, participants will learn how  to access the STEM mode of the Osiris to collect and quantify STEM/EDS maps.   

$75 Vanderbilt Users; $75 External Academic and Non-Profit Users; $200 Industry and For-Profit Users