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Self-Directed Tools

Finding Off-Campus Support

Student Care Coordination has put together a helpful guide to finding therapists outside of the University Counseling Center. Learn more.

Vanderbilt Telehealth by AcademicLiveCare (VTALC)

Vanderbilt Telehealth by AcademicLiveCare (VTALC) is a telehealth platform that will allow you to attend behavioral and physical health appointments on a smartphone, computer, or another mobile device, free of charge.
With VTALC, you can schedule virtual visits with medical professionals for common conditions such as sinus infections, fevers, and allergies. VTALC also offers ongoing appointments with licensed psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, or other providers to help with life’s challenges. Additional VTALC services include nutrition counseling and lactation consultations.

VTALC is intended to supplement the existing services offered through the University’s Student Care Network, including the University Counseling Center, Student Health Center, Student Care Coordination, and the Center for Student Wellbeing. VTALC is not a replacement for these services, and you should continue to utilize the Student Health Center as your source of primary care for physical health. VTALC should not be used in the case of an emergency or for urgent care needs. The University Counseling Center offers Urgent Care Counseling as well as an after-hours hotline for assistance in an immediate crisis.

To take advantage of VTALC, visit and follow the below instructions:

  • Click ‘Get Connected’ on the home page and then ‘visit AcademicLiveCare’.
  • After signing up, enter Service Key ALC & use Coupon Code ALCVBILT22 when prompted for payment. You will not be charged once you enter the Coupon Code.
  • If you need assistance signing up, please utilize the AcademicLiveCare User Guide
  • Please note there is a $40 cancellation fee for cancellations within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment or for no-shows.

If you have any questions or run into any issues setting up your new account, you can reach Customer Service 24/7 by submitting a request using or calling 866-882-0343.


Vanderbilt has arranged for students to have free access to Headspace – an award-winning, research-backed digital tool for mindful living with over 1,200+ hours of themed meditations, sleep content, mindful movement exercises, and focus music. With over 75+ research collaborations and 26 published studies as the mindfulness digital intervention of choice, Headspace has been shown to reduce stress, improve focus, increase resilience and happiness. Enroll in Vanderbilt’s program here.

When you meditate with Headspace, every minute counts toward a healthier, happier you. Now, you can keep track of how you’re feeling with My Progress. Find it in the Profile tab in the app, and see how meditation and mindfulness make a difference over time.

  • Science-backed surveys: Measure your stresslevels with quick, monthly check-ins.
  • Short & sweet journaling: Jot down notes and reflections, and come back to them when you need to.
  • Progress at a glance: Get an overview of how your stresslevels change as you continue your practice.

“Intro to Headspace” Webinar

Headspace hosted a live webinar for Vanderbilt students to introduce Headspace and how you can utilize it.

View the webinar here. Access Passcode: #9t+Jxac

“Put Your Mind to Bed” Webinar

Headspace hosted a live webinar for Vanderbilt students about healthy sleep hygiene. You can view a recording of the webinar here.

Navigating Change and Anxiety Webinar

View the recording.


Students using MindCheck on phone.

MindCheck is an emotional health tool available to students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan. Measure your mindset and get immediate feedback and resources to maintain a positive outlook. You’ll also find tips, articles and videos on a variety of topics that include: relationships, depression, fitness and nutrition, stress, substance use and more. The MindCheck online tool asks you four simple questions so you can be aware of how you’re feeling. You’ll be matched to a color and level to provide insight into your emotional health. And the MindCheck site tracks your history, so you can see how your results change over time. Simply go to to get started. And download the MindCheck app for AndroidTM and iPhone® mobile devices.

My Student Support Program (My SSP) for International Students only

Picture of My SSP mobile app.

My Student Support Program (My SSP) is a free, 24/7 confidential support program available to all International Students. My SSP provides free access to confidential counseling services, as well as a variety of wellbeing resources, including articles, assessments, and virtual fitness sessions. Real-time support is available by phone and live chat (no appointment needed!), and students may also schedule video appointments. My SSP counselors are available who speak Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, and English. For other language preferences, students may request an appointment with a counselor who speaks their preferred language depending on availability. International students can connect with MySSP by downloading the “My SSP” app from their device’s app store, calling 1-866-743-7732 (US calls) or 001-416-380-6579 (international calls), or by visiting International calling charges will apply unless you either call via Wi-Fi, or opt to “call collect” by finding the collect call service for the country in which you are located, and request to make a collect call to 001-416-380-6579. My SSP will accept the collect call charges.


Vanderbilt Meditation Tracks

Part 1: Heather Boyd, LCSW; Vanderbilt University Counseling Center 

Part 2: Heather Boyd, LCSW; Vanderbilt University Counseling Center 

Building Your Best Life (Dialectical Behavioral Skills—DBT)

Part 1: Mindfulness

Part 2: Tolerating Distressing Moment

Part 3: Radical Acceptance


The below apps can be downloaded to your mobile device to help you prioritize, manage, and implement strategies to enhance your wellbeing. Search for and download the apps on Google Play (for Android) or through the Apple App Store. Some applications may also be accessed using your web browser.

NameDescription AndroidApple
A Friend Asks Offers warning signs of suicidal ideation and tips for getting help for a friend (or yourself) who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. YesYes
Breathe2RelaxProvides instruction and guidance on breathing for stress management, mood stabilization, anger control, and anxiety.YesYes
Apple Health Highlights four categories: Activity, Sleep, Mindfulness, and Nutrition. Health suggests great apps from each category to get you going, and the Today view shows all your stats at a glance to help you stay on track. No Yes
CalmHelps to bring clarity, joy, and peace to your life with guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs and relaxing music.YesYes
AnxietyCoachMayo Clinic Anxiety Coach is a comprehensive self-help tool for reducing a wide variety of fears and worries from extreme shyness to obsessions and compulsions. Anxiety Coach helps you make a list of feared activities and then guides you through mastering them one by one. Through this experience you can increase your confidence as you become less fearful and worried.YesYes
Happify A self-guided app that aims to increase positive emotions through exercises and games supported by positive psychology and mindfulness.YesYes
HeadspaceUnique daily guided meditations to help reduce anxiety and stressYesYes
MealboardHelps plan health meals, grocery lists, and recipes based on what you have in the fridge.YesYes
MindShift Designed to help young adults cope with anxiety, including test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, worry, panic, and conflictYesYes
Mood ToolsProvides tools based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to manage depression and low mood YesYes
NudgeHelps you track all of your health habits and syncs with other devices and wearables. YesYes
PacificaProvides instruction on deep breathing, behavioral exercises, identifying cognitive distortions to help cope with anxiety, mood disorders, and stressYesYes
Panic ReliefHelps individuals manage and move through panic attacks using relaxation techniques. YesYes
PTSD CoachFrom the National Center for PTSD, helps individuals learn about and manage symptoms that often occur after a trauma. YesYes
RxmindMePrescription reminder with many different categories of alerts. NoYes
Saying When Helps you cut back or quit drinking by monitoring your blood alcohol level and when and how much you drink. YesYes
SanvelloHealth and wellness app used to support stress, anxiety, and depression.YesYes
WiseDrinkingHelps you cut back or quit drinking by monitoring when and how much you have had too much to drink and by providing guidance around safe drinking.YesYes
Zombies, Run!Zombie-motivated running app. YesYes

Grief Resources

Please Note: The following resources are not affiliated with Vanderbilt University.