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Matthew Bacchetta H. William Scott, Jr. Chair in Surgery
Shunxing Bao Research Assistant Professor
Eric Barth Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Roza Gunes Bayrak Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science
R. Daniel Beauchamp J C Foshee Distinguished Professor of Surgery
Audrey Bowden Dorothy J Wingfield Phillips Chancellor Faculty Fellow

Areas of Research: Biomedical Imaging, Biophotonics, Image Processing, Imaging, Machine Learning
Daniel Brown Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering
Brett Byram Hoy Family Faculty Fellow

Areas of Research: Imaging
Lola B. Chambless Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery
Catie Chang Sally and Dave Hopkins Faculty Fellow

Areas of Research: Biomedical Imaging, Image Processing
Rohan Chitale Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery, Radiology and Radiological Sciences
Benoit M. Dawant Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of VISE
VISE Steering Committee Chair and Center Director
Areas of Research: Image Processing
Xiaoguang Dong Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research: Modeling, Surgery and Engineering, Surgical Robotics
Dario J. Englot Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, Neurology, Radiology and Radiological Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering - Director of Functional Neurosurgery

Areas of Research: Imaging, Surgery and Engineering
Tayfun Efe Ertop Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
J. Michael Fitzpatrick Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus
Joshua Gafford Adjunct Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Robert L. Galloway, Jr. Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Emeritus
Erin A Gillaspie Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery
VISE Steering Committee Member
Michael Goldfarb H. Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Will Grissom Associate professor of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Research: Biomedical Imaging, Biophotonics, Surgery and Engineering
S. Duke Herrell III Professor of Urologic Surgery
VISE Steering Committee Member
Ryan Hsi Associate Professor, Department of Urology
Yuankai Huo Assistant Professor in Computer Science
Karen Joos Joseph and Barbara Ellis Professor of Ophthalmology
Hakmook Kang Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Nicholas Kavoussi Assistant Professor, Department of Urology

Areas of Research: Image-Guided Surgery
Soheil Kolouri Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Areas of Research: Machine Learning
Bennett Landman Stevenson Chair, Professor and Department Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering (primary), Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Research: Big Data, Image Processing, Imaging
Alexander Langerman Associate Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Haoxiang Luo Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Fabien Maldonado Professor of Medicine and Thoracic Surgery
Louise A. Mawn Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Michael I. Miga Interim Chair of Biomedical Engineering,
Harvie Branscomb Professor,
Professor Biomedical Engineering
Professor of Radiology
Professor of Neurological Surgery
VISE Steering Committee Member and Emeritus VISE Seminar Series Chair
Areas of Research: Modeling
Jason Mitchell Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research: Surgery and Engineering
Victoria Morgan Professor of Radiology and Radiological Sciences
Daniel Moyer Assistant Professor Computer Science

Areas of Research: Imaging, Machine Learning
Jack Noble Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Areas of Research: Image Processing
Keith Obstein Professor of Medicine
VISE Steering Committee Member and Co-chair VISE Seminar Series
Areas of Research: Robotics
Ipek Oguz Assistant Professor of Computer Science
VISE Steering Committee Member and Co-chair VISE Seminar Series
Areas of Research: Big Data, Biomedical Imaging, Biophotonics, Image Processing
Mikail Rubinov Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Paul Russell Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Kurt Schilling Research Assistant Professor
Nabil Simaan Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research: Robotics
Yuankai (Kenny) Tao Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Research: Bioinstrumentation, Biomedical Imaging, Biophotonics, Surgery and Engineering
Reid Thompson William F. Meacham Professor of Neurological Surgery
Eric Tkaczyk Director, Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic (VDTRC)
Michael Topf Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Pietro Valdastri Adjoint Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research: Robotics
Scott Webster Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Robert J. Webster III Richard A. Schroeder Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Professor of Electrical Engineering
Professor of Otolaryngology, Urologic Surgery, Neurological Surgery, and Medicine

VISE Steering Committee Member
Areas of Research: Image-Guided Surgery, Robotics, Surgical Robotics
James Weimer Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Thomas J. Withrow Associate Professor of the Practice of Mechanical Engineering

Areas of Research: Surgery and Engineering
Jie Ying Wu Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Areas of Research: Machine Learning, Robotics, Surgical Robotics
Yinhong Qin Research Assistant
Camden Bibro Research Assistant
Justin Blaber Software Engineer
Michelle Bukowski Program Coordinator
Steve Damon Senior Software Engineer
Braxton Heard Research Assistant
Callahan Henry Research Assistant
Bohan Jiang Research Assistant
Tiffany-Chau Le Research Assistant
Kaela Levine Research Assistant
Rui Li Staff Engineer II
Caroline Martin Research Assistant
Karthik Ramadass Staff Engineer and graduate student
Bill Rodriguez Research Assistant
Robert Shults Research Analyst
Henry Volkmann Research Assistant
Abbie Weeks VISE Lab Manager
Post Docs
Ben Gold Postdoctoral scholar
Andrew Janson Postdoctoral researcher
Zhiyuan Li Postdoctoral researcher
Aditya Nanda Postdoctoral Scholar
Prasobh Padmanabhan Postdoctoral Researcher
Kyvia Pereira Postdoctoral Researcher
Jorge Salas Postdoctoral researcher
Siegfried Schlunk Postdoctoral Researcher
Eric Tang Postdoctoral Scholar
Lianrui Zuo
Graduate Students
Ali Abbasi Graduate student
Serena Abraham Graduate student
Ayberk Acar Graduate Student
Haley Adams Graduate Student
Elan Z. Ahronovich Research Assistant
Behnaz Akbarian Graduate Student
Jumanh Atoum Graduate Student
Annie Benson Masters Student
Erin Bratu Graduate Student
Mary Brown Masters Student
Leon Cai MD/PhD Student
Piper Cannon Graduate Student
Grace (Shuang) Chang Graduate Student
Chloe Cho MD/PhD
Kuan-I Gary Chung Graduate student
Peter Connor Graduate Student
Seth Crawford Graduate Student
Cathy (Can) Cui Graduate student
Ruining Deng Graduate Student
Derek Doss MD/PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Jesse d’Almeida Graduate Student
Rachel Eimen Graduate student
Daniel Esser Graduate student
Yubo Fan Graduate Student
Kyle Fuxa Masters Student
James C. Gallentine Graduate Student
Chenyu Gao Graduate Student
Sarah Garrow
Sarah Goodale Graduate student
Abby Grillo Graduate Student
Samir Gupta Master's Student
Jintong Han Master's Student
John Han Graduate Student
Joshua Hauser Master's Student
Rachel Hecht Graduate student
Nhung Hoang Graduate Student
Dewei Hu Graduate student
Garrison Johnston Graduate student
Praitayini Kanakaraj Graduate student
Nazirah Mohd Khairi Graduate student
Christopher Khan Graduate student
Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman Khan Graduate Student
Kiyoung Kim Graduate Student
Michael Kim Graduate Student
Joel Kim Graduate Student
Aravind Krishnan Graduate Student
Nithin Kumar Graduate Student
Anupam Kumar Graduate student
Jared Lawson Graduate Student
Ho Hin Peter Lee Graduate Student
Hao Li Graduate student
Yunhe Li Graduate Student
Xueyuan Li Master's Student
Thomas Li Graduate student
Yizhou Li Masters Student
Honglu Lin Masters Student
Marilyn Lionts Graduate Stduent
Han Liu Graduate student
Quan Liu Graduate student
Ziteng Liu Graduate student
Daiwei David Lu Graduate student
Celia Maiorano Graduate Student
Ghassan Makhoul Graduate Student
Hannah Mason Graduate Student
Emily McCabe Graduate Student
Elyssa McMaster Graduate Student
Miroslava Migovich Graduate student
Samantha Morganti Graduate student
Nancy Newlin Graduate Student
Preston Pan Graduate Student
Puchiss Panitpotjaman Master's Student
Chandrakantha Pappu Masters Student
Jack Peters Graduate Student
Abigale Plunk Graduate Student
Haatef Pourmotabbed Graduate Student
Bowen Qu Graduate student
Karthik Ramadass Staff Engineer and graduate student
Mingxing Rao Graduate Student
Lucas Remedios Graduate Student
Alicia Repka Graduate Student
Olivia Richards Graduate Student
Morgan Ringel Graduate student
Kimberly Rogge-Obando Graduate student
Jet Rostykus Graduate Student
Gaurav Rudravaram Graduate Student
Lucas Sainburg Graduate Student
Neda Sardaripour Graduate Student
Adam Saunders Graduate Student
Frankangel Servin Graduate student
Ashkan Shahbazi Graduate Student
Neel Shihora Graduate student
Jason Shrand Graduate Student
Dingjie Su Graduate Student
Yehyun Suh Graduate Student
Shannon Taylor Graduate Student
Rachel Teater Graduate student
Huy Tran Graduate Student
Madison Veliky Undergraduate student
Emelina Vienneau Graduate student
Minh Vu Graduate student
Shiyu Wang Graduate Student
Jiacheng Wang Graduate Student
Jacob Watson
Abbie Weeks VISE Lab Manager
Ethan Wilke Graduate Student
Bowen Xiang Graduate Student
Boyang Xiao Graduate Student
Kaiwen Xu Graduate student
Simon Hao Yang Graduate Student
Qi Yang Graduate student
Tianyuan Yao Graduate student
Xing Yao Graduate Student
Ahmet Yildiz Graduate Student
Jongyeon Yoon Graduate Student
Xin Yu Graduate Student
Weiman Yuan Graduate student
Rendong Zhang Graduate Student
Shengchao Zhang Graduate student
Yike Nicole Zhang Graduate Student
Yunqin Zhao Graduate Student
Undergraduate Students
Shannon Alptekin Undergraduate student
Kelsey Corwen Undergraduate Student
Katelyn Craft Undergraduate Student
Lening Nick Cui Undergraduate Student
Caitlin Grogan Undergraduate student
Andrew Haworth Undergraduate Student
Seth Hemingway Undergraduate Student
Rose Herdejurgen Undergraduate Student
Jordyn Herrington Undergraduate Student
Franklin Hu Undergraduate student
Kristi Kim Undergraduate Student
Ethan Nguyen Undergraduate student
Ivan Ntwari Undergraduate Student
Rebecca Pan Undergraduate student
Cheng Qiu Undergraduate student
Rohan Rashingkar Undergraduate Student
Eddie Yifan Shangguan Undergraduate Student
Shreya Shrestha Undergraduate Student
Mariana Smith Undergraduate student
Alexander Stabile Undergraduate student
Michael Taleb Undergraduate student
Olivia Tang Undergraduate Student
Stanley Vinet Undergraduate student
Hieu Vu Undergraduate Student
Kate Wang Undergraduate Student
Rui Wang Undergraduate Student
Greyson Wintergerst Undergraduate student
Yifan Willaim Wu Undergraduate student
Zihao Wu Undergraduate student
Yilan Xu Undergraduate Student
Kelly Xu Undergraduate Student
Rui “Shirley” Xu Undergraduate student
Hanliang Xu Undergraduate student
Ziyuan Roger Xu Undergraduate Student
Yisu Yang Undergraduate Student
Hongyi (Leo) Yang Undergraduate student
Tian Yu Undergraduate
Nathan Zhang Undergraduate Student
Leo Zhang Undergraduate Student
Zhanqi Zhu Undergraduate Student
Albert Attia Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology and Neurosurgery
Colette Abah Alumna
Sumit Tarsem Agarwal Alumnus
Nafis Ahmed Alumnus
Ghassan Alduraibi Undergraduate student
Pablo Arturo Alvarez Alumnus
Stephanie Amack Alumna
Ernar Amanov Alumnus
Patrick Anderson Alumnus
Andrew Asman Alumnus
Yigit Atay Alumnus
Andrea Bajo Alumnus
Ramya Balachandran Alumna
Rueben Banalagay Alumnus
Marco Beccani Alumnus
Oscar Benavides Alumnus
Lukas Berglund Alumnus
Camilo Bermudez Noguera Alumnus
Margaret Bobo Alumna
Ivan Bozic Alumnus
Trevor Bruns Alumnus
Frederick Bryan Alumnus
Ryan Burke Alumnus
Gabriela Caires de Jesus Alumnus
Ahmet Cakir Alumnus
Federico Campisano Research Assistant
Robert Caprara Alumnus
François-Xavier Carton Alumnus
Nick Catalan Alumnus
Matthieu Chabanas Alumnus
Shikha Chaganti Alumna
Srijata Chakravorti Alumna
Zhaoyang Chen Alumna
Zhanwen Chen Alumnus
Ye Chen Alumnus
Yue Chen Graduate student
Zhanwen (Phil) Chen Alum
Peter E. Clark Alumnus
Logan Clements Alumnus
Jarrod Collins Alumnus
Davis Crews Undergraduate Student
Pierre-Francois D’Haese Alumnus
Kendra Davidson Alumna
Kazuyuki (Kaz) Dei Alumnus
Carli DeJulius VISE Alumna
Giuseppe Del Giudice Alumnus
TingYan (Nicholas) Deng Alumnus
Kevin Derby Undergraduate student
Vineet Desai Alumnus
Katja Diaz-Granados Alumna
Neal Dillon Alumnus
Christian Di Natali Alumnus
Alice Ding Alumna
Jonathan Dwiyono Alumnus
Roland D. Eavey Alumnus
Mohamed Tarek El-Haddad Alumnus
Sarah Elliott Alumna
Max Emerson Alumnus
James Ferguson Alumnus
Loris Fichera Alumnus
Adrian Florea Alumnus
Chet Friday Alumnus
Jason Friedman Alumnus
Yipu Gao Alumnus
Riqiang Gao Alumnus
Nicolò Garbin Alumnus
Hermela Gebremariam Alumna
Mark George Alumnus
Adam Gertz Alumnus
Hunter Gilbert Alumnus
Hernán González VISE Alum
Sandra Gonzalez Alumna
Jenna Gorlewicz Alumna
Katie Gosbee Alumna
Josephine Granna Alumna
Christa Greer Undergraduate Student
Rebekah Griesenauer Alumna
Hayden Grobleben Alum
Abhijeet Gummadavelli Alumnus
Kanupriya Gupta Alumna
Allison Hainline Alumnu
Patrick Hall Alumnus
Colin Hansen Alumnus
Yuesheng Hao Alumnus
Lingyan Hao Alumna
Kush Hari Alumnus
Rob Harrigan Alumnus
Jon Heiselman Alumnus
Richard Hendrick Alumnus
Daniela Hernandez Duque Alumna
Killan Hett Alumnus
Brianna Jacobson Alumna
Aadarsh Jha Alumnus
Jasmine Jiang Alumna
Canwen Jiao Alumnus
Jose Jimenez Alumnus
Graham Johnson Alum
J. Ethan Joll Alumnus
Rebecca Jones Alumna
Dheeraj Jonnalagadda Staff
Cailey Kerley Alumna
Juyoung Kim Alumnus
Peter E. Konrad Alumnus
Lou Kratchman Alumnus
Ankur Kumar Alumnus
Ashwin Kumar Alumnus
Alan Kuntz Alumnus
Robert F. Labadie Alumnus
VISE Steering Committee Member
Claire Landewee Alumna
Kathleen Larson Alumna
Ray Lathrop Alumnus
Dylan Lawless Alumnus
Christopher Lee Alumnus
Kelsey Leeburg Alumna
Gaile Lejay Alumna
Kyle Leleux Alumnus
Lingfeng Li Alumnus
Xiaoyue Li Alumna
Bo Li Alumnus
Shan Lin Alumna
Sneha Lingam Alumna
Jiaqi Liu Alum
Yuan Liu Alumna
Xiaoqi Liu Alumna
Yue Liu Alumna
Cindy Lin Liu Alumna
Yuzhe (Bryan) Lu Alumnus
Ma Luo Alumnus
Ilwoo Lyu Alumnus
Yimeng Ma Alumna
Art Mahoney Alumnus
Joseph D. Malone Alumnus
Thomas J. Manuel Alumnus
Thomas Massion Alumnus
Laura Masson Alumna
Christian Mathurin Alumnus
Princess Mazagwu Alumna
Matthew T. McKenna Alumnus
Matthew Medlock Alumnus
Josh Miller Alumnus
Azhar Molla Alumnus
Hyeonsoo Moon Alumnus
Saramati Narasimhan VISE Alumna
Narendran Narasimhan Alumnus
Vishwesh Nath Alumnus
Aarushi Negi Alumna
Stephanie Nolen Alumna
Andrew Orekhov Alumnus
Kathryn Ozgun Alumna
Srivatsan Pallavaram Research Associate
Adithya Pamulaparthi Alumnus
Prasanna Parvathaneni Alumna
Chris Pavas Alumnus
Deandra Peoples Alumna
Jason Pile Alumnus
E. Bryn Pitt Alumnus
Andrew Plassard Alumnus
Megan Poorman Alumna
Priyanka Prasad Alumna
Sai Rajagopalan Alumnus
Ashmita Rajkumar Alumna
Gopikrishna M Rao Undergraduate student
Tahsin Reasat Alumnus
Rahul Regula Alumnus
Samuel Remedios Alumnus
Andria Remirez Alumna
Francois Rheault Alumnus
Winona Richey Alumna
Katy Riojas Alumna
Dominick Ropella Alumnus
Margaret Rox Alumna
Caleb Rucker Alumnus
Nima Sarli Alumnus
Bowen Shaner Alumnus
Nishan Shehadeh Alum
Jasmine Shu Alumna
Michael Siebold Alumnus
Amber Simpson Alumna
Piotr R. Slawinski Alumnus
Byron Smith Alumnus
Dennis Sohn Alumnus
Richard Song Alumnus
Zachary Stoebner Alumnus
Rastko Stojsin Alumnus
Xujuan Sun Alumnus
Phil Swaney Alumnus
Addisu Z. Taddese Alumnus
Yucheng Tang Alumnus
Benjamin D. Terrones Alumnus
Viet Duc Hoang Than Alumnus
Jaime Tierney Alumna
Emily Tran Alumna
Robert Treuting Alumnus
Kathryn Ufford Alumna
Rohan Vijayan Alumnus
Kristy Walsh Alumna
Jianing Wang Alumna
Long Wang Alumnus
Jiachen Wang Alumnus
Jiayao Wang Alumna
Xuan Wang Alum
Anjie Wang Alumnus
Barry Wang Alumnus
Zhixiang Wang Alumnus
Kyle Weaver Alumnus
Jared Weis Alumnus
Patrick Wellborn Alumnus
Allison Whitten Alumna
Kristin Wills VISE Alumna
Raul Wirz-Gonzalez Alumnus
Zihao Wu Alumnus
Xingnan Xia Alumna
Zhengkai Xie Alumnus
Yunxi Xiong Alumnus
Yuchen Xu Alumnus
Jiachen Xu Alumnus
Zhoubing Xu Alumnus
Yufei Yan Alumna
Xiaochen Yang Alumnus
Steven (Yiyuan) Yang Alumnus
Yuang Yao Alum
Nino Yao Alumnus
Rashid Yasin Alumnus
Peter York Alumnus
Haoran Yu Alumnus
Chang Yu Alumnus
Changyuan Zhang Alumnus
Tianyuan Zhang Alumnus
Yuxuan(Carl) Zhang Alumnus
Dongqing Zhang Alumnus
Huahong Zhang Alumnus
Yiyuan Zhao Alumnus
Bill Zhao Alumnus
Yiqi Nick Zhao Alumnus
Yinchi Zhou Alumna
Yifan Zhu Alumnus
Zheyu Zhu Alumnus
Qibang Zhu Alumnus