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Medical Device Club

What is the Medical Device Club @ Vanderbilt?

We are a like-minded group of computer scientists, engineers, and clinicians that want to innovate healthcare through technology. We provide:

  • a forum/community to have technical and clinical discussions about medical devices and technologies with subject area experts;
  • help for our members to overcome technical challenges in their applications;
  • opportunities to get involved in medical device and technology development;
  • foster inventive ways to evaluate the efficacy/risk early in the design process as fast and as cheaply as possible

Also, the Medical Device Club aims to complement/support the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering by providing a weekly opportunity to innovate and discuss technical challenges.

Should I get involved in the Medical Device Club?

We HIGHLY encourage senior design teamsgraduate researchers, and anyone working on medical technology projects to join the club and take advantage/participate in the community — we are a diverse group with experts spanning multiple engineering and medical disciplines. We like to think of the club as a teaching hospital for medical devices.

Get Involved with the Medical Device Club!

What: Medical Device Club @ Vanderbilt!
Who: Signup to be a 
member and start developing!
When and Where: Meeting time will be announced soon

Get Involved in the MEdical Device Club

Contact the Medical Device Club faculty director:
James Weimer