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Training Program NIH/NIBIB T32EB021937

Available to pre-doctoral graduate students, it strives to translate dramatic laboratory breakthroughs in biomedical science into clinical use. It breaks down barriers to clinical translational research by supporting engineers to gain expert understanding in the treatment of human disease/dysfunction as well as training in the inception of novel technology-based platforms for studying and treating these systems.

An overview of the NIH/NIBIB T32EB021937 program can be found here.


Click here to view VISE affilate lab videoMichael I. Miga, Ph.D., Harvie Branscomb Professor, VISE Steering Committee Member, and VISE Seminar Series Chair, discusses the training and mentoring program called Innovative Engineering Research in Surgery and Intervention.

6th Class

Jared Lawson, doctoral candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Lucas Sainburg, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engieering

5th Class

Erin Bratu, doctoral candidate, Electrical Engineering

Eric Tang, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Rachel Teater, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

4th Class

Winona Richey  doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Carli DeJulius
doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Emelina Vienneau doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Yubo Fan
doctoral candidate, Computer Science

3rd Class

photo of Colette Abah
Colette Abah doctoral candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Joe Malone doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Dylan Lawless doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Margaret Rox doctoral candidate, Mechanical Engineering

2nd Class

J. Ethan Joll doctoral candidate,  Biomedical Engineering

Laura Masson doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

Kathryn Ozgun doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering

1st Class

Patrick Anderson, doctoral candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Hernán González, MSTP MD/PhD, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Click here to view VISE affilate lab video González talks about how his future career will be impacted by being a VISE trainee.

Jon Heiselman, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Click here to view VISE affilate lab video Heiselman discusses how being a VISE trainee granted him exposure to the operating room and gave him a sense for the clinical problems he could solve as an engineers.


Megan Poorman, doctoral candidate, Biomedical Engineering
Click here to view VISE affilate lab video Poorman talks about what makes the VISE training program so unique: engineering students getting access to the OR.


Shikha Chaganti Research Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science