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Annual Symposium

13th Annual Surgery, Intervention, and Engineering Symposium

The VISE seminar series culminates with a winter Annual Surgery, Intervention, and Engineering Symposium which highlights panel sessions on cutting-edge topics of the day within procedural medicine research, a poster presentation showcase of translational projects at Vanderbilt, and finally a keynote seminar and reception.

Similar to the academic series, the symposium also serves a dual role within VISE.  To begin, it provides our trainees with an invaluable experience in a conference presentation.  More specifically, trainees have the following opportunities: (1) scientific poster creation and presentation, (2) experience in video-recorded shorts about their research, (3) exposure to what a panel discussion debates, and (4) important perspectives from a keynote speaker who is an experienced seasoned leader in the field.  The second role is more directed at the faculty and is designed to cross-pollinate research across ESI domains.  More specifically, the symposium is designed to have faculty and trainees interact and learn each other’s core competencies with the goal to foster new collaborative efforts.

2024 Keynote Speaker

Clare Tempany MD
Ferenc A. Jolesz MD Professor of Radiology Harvard Medical School
Vice Chair of Research Dept. Of Radiology
Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Wednesday, December 11, 2024