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Inertial-based Fluidic Platform for Rapid Isolation of Blood-borne Pathogens. Batcho, EC; Miller, S; Cover, TL; McClain, MS; Marasco, C; Bell, CS; Giorgio, TD, MILITARY MEDICINE 2021, 186, 129-136 View Abstract

Reinnovating nephrology-a call to action. Moghe, I; Hu, R; Dhungana, P; Fissell, WH; Solez, K, KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL 2021, 99, 5-8

Kupffer cell release of platelet activating factor drives dose limiting toxicities of nucleic acid nanocarriers. Jackson, MA; Patel, SS; Yu, F; Cottam, MA; Glass, EB; Hoogenboezem, EN; Fletcher, RB; Dollinger, BR; Patil, P; Liu, DD; Kelly, IB; Bedingfield, SK; King, AR; Miles, RE; Hasty, AM; Giorgio, TD; Duvall, CL, BIOMATERIALS 2021, 268, 120528 View Abstract

Rafting Down the Metastatic Cascade: The Role of Lipid Rafts in Cancer Metastasis, Cell Death, and Clinical Outcomes. Greenlee, JD; Subramanian, T; Liu, K; King, MR, CANCER RESEARCH 2021, 81, 5-17 View Abstract

Micelle-in-Liposomes for Sustained Delivery of Anticancer Agents That Promote Potent TRAIL-Induced Cancer Cell Apoptosis. Zhang, ZJ; Patel, SB; King, MR, MOLECULES 2021, 26, 157 View Abstract

An antibody-free dual-biomarker rapid enrichment workflow (AnDREW) improves the sensitivity of malaria rapid diagnostic tests. Kantor, AG; Markwalter, CF; Nourani, A; Wright, DW, ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2021, 612, 114020 View Abstract

Diflunisal-loaded poly(propylene sulfide) nanoparticles decrease S. aureus-mediated bone destruction during osteomyelitis. Ford, CA; Spoonmore, TJ; Gupta, MK; Duvall, CL; Guelcher, SA; Cassat, JE, JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH 2021, 39, 426-437 View Abstract

Ultrastrong plasmon-phonon coupling via epsilon-near-zero nanocavities. Yoo, D; de Leon-Perez, F; Pelton, M; Lee, IH; Mohr, DA; Raschke, MB; Caldwell, JD; Martin-Moreno, L; Oh, SH, NATURE PHOTONICS 2021, 15, 125-+ View Abstract

Sub-Picosecond Response Time of a Hybrid VO2:Silicon Waveguide at 1550 nm. Hallman, KA; Miller, KJ; Baydin, A; Weiss, SM; Haglund, RF, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS 2021, 9, 2001721 View Abstract

The Pediatric Craniofacial Collaborative Group (PCCG) Consensus Conference Methodology. Derderian, CK; Derderian, CA; Fernandez, A; Glover, CD; Goobie, S; Hansen, JK; King, M; Kugler, J; Lang, SS; Meier-Haran, P; Nelson, O; Reddy, SK; Reid, R; Ricketts, K; Rottgers, SA; Singh, D; Szmuk, P; Taicher, BM; Taylor, J; Stricker, PA, PEDIATRIC ANESTHESIA 2021, 31, 145-149 View Abstract

Amphiphilic Polyelectrolyte Graft Copolymers Enhance the Activity of Cyclic Dinucleotide STING Agonists. Nguyen, DC; Shae, D; Pagendarm, HM; Becker, KW; Wehbe, M; Kilchrist, KV; Pastora, LE; Palmer, CR; Seber, P; Christov, PP; Duvall, CL; Wilson, JT, ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS 2021, 10, 2001056 View Abstract

Long-lived modulation of plasmonic absorption by ballistic thermal injection. Tomko, JA; Runnerstrom, EL; Wang, YS; Chu, WB; Nolen, JR; Olson, DH; Kelley, KP; Cleri, A; Nordlander, J; Caldwell, JD; Prezhdo, OV; Maria, JP; Hopkins, PE, NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY 2021, 16, View Abstract

COVID-19 diagnostics for resource-limited settings: Evaluation of "unextracted" qRT-PCR. Adams, NM; Leelawong, M; Benton, A; Quinn, C; Haselton, FR; Schmitz, JE, JOURNAL OF MEDICAL VIROLOGY 2021, 93, 559-563 View Abstract

Effect of pore size and spacing on neovascularization of a biodegradble shape memory polymer perivascular wrap. Boire, TC; Himmel, LE; Yu, F; Guth, CM; Dollinger, BR; Werfel, TA; Balikov, DA; Duvall, CL, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A 2021, 109, 272-288 View Abstract

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